Ricardo Tosto: The Brazilian Corporate Lawyer Making Waves In The Legal Industry

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer hailing from Brazil who has had quite a huge impact on the legal scene in the country. He is known for being an excellent corporate lawyer who has worked alongside some of the biggest companies in the entire country. With the progression of Brazil’s economy in the last few years, the need for good corporate lawyers has been on the rise, with people like Ricardo Tosto being at the forefront of the race to represent big names in the business. Ricardo Tosto is also known for representing various members of the Brazilian government and has assisted the government in matters that concern legal justice in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto has had an expansive career, spanning over numerous years. He has made a name for himself, just by his sheer dedication and love for the law. He has spent a lot of time perfecting what he does, to be the best and to shut down the competition that stands in his way. Because of his large amount of experience working as a corporate Brazilian Lawyer, he has been instrumental in some of the biggest corporate cases that the Brazilian legal scene has seen. With his excellent and precise understanding of the law, Ricardo Tosto has been able to provide his expertise to the companies that hire him, to make sure that they are moving in the right direction. By doing this, Ricardo Tosto has become one of the biggest assets to companies who are seeking legal aid.

Ricardo Tosto is known to be an extremely thorough lawyer, who is known for being extremely meticulous. Because of his immense understanding of corporate law and their structures, he is able to find out every last detail that pertains to the case that he is dealing with. In addition to providing them with legal aid, Ricardo Tosto also works as an advisor to companies and businesses, leading them in a favorable direction. It is because of his work that the certain companies that he has worked with have made it big in their industry today. Striving for excellence, Ricardo Tosto is a force to be reckoned with in the legal world in Brazil.

The Success Academy Charter Schools by Eva Moskowitz Outshine Affluent New York Public Institutions in Performance

Eva Moskowitz is a recognized reformer of the education sector especially in Harlem where she has been a resident for a long time. She is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Success Academy Charter Schools which is a leading network of high performing and excellent educational institutions in the city of New York. Around areas such as Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan the charter schools which have rapidly grown to 34 campuses serve over 11,000 children. The policies she advocates for are those that teach children how to read and write from an early age, and she encourages greater community participation and investments in schools.



All the schools in the network are notable for their excellent academic performance although the majority of the members come from poverty stricken families. In 2012 the first Harlem school was awarded the National Blue Ribbon School prize by the U.S. Department of Education. Eva Moskowitz started promoting educational causes when she was a board member of the New York City Council. While serving the council as the Education Committee Council’s chair, Eva Moskowitz closely supervised and investigated issues affecting hundreds of the city schools with the intent of finding improvements.



Due to the vast experience, she accumulated in managing teaching practices, lighting schools and ensuring efficiency; she designs a unique curriculum and education routines for Success Academy. Eva Moskowitz has been at the forefront of advocating for national reforms in education so that all children can have better learning opportunities that can develop their intellect. That is why her network of charter schools are famous for scoring the highest proficiency marks. She was educated in Harlem and raised by two professors before she acquired her Ph.D. Her success with minority and poor children established Eva Moskovitz as a robust and fearless fighter for transparency and accountability in the education sector so that higher standards can be achieved in all schools. Due to lack of wide choices for parents, she championed movements that created better learning opportunities by streamlining teacher hiring, their pay, and offering children the best education options.

How Clay Siegall has Transformed Cancer Treatment.

Clay Siegall is a reputable science professional who has specialized in conducting research to establish a cure that can better cancer treatment across the world. He is the propitiator of a top biotechnology research institute that is known as Seattle Genetics. Siegall launched the enterprise in 1998, and he has been acting as the board chairman, president, and CEO. He is also a knowledgeable administrator and has guided the firm in making significant accomplishments. Seattle Genetics has had a positive impact in the treatment of cancer since it has developed various therapies that are based on antibodies and have been certified by the FDA.


Dr. Siegall always strives to ensure that the firm is successful. He has led it in securing more than $670 million from both private and public funding. Clay’s career experience has enabled him head Seattle Genetics effectively. He started his profession in biotechnology research by working for the National Cancer Institute, which is a firm that was founded by the government. He was then offered an opportunity to serve the Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he was a senior researcher from 1991 to 1997. Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association trusted his knowledge in the industry, and he once sat on the boards.


The research that has been done by Clay Siegall has transformed the pharmaceutical industry, and he is a holder of 15 patents. The biotechnology expert has also published more than 70 books that assist scientists who would like to venture into that industry. Clay enrolled at the University of Maryland for his undergraduate studies and George Washington University for his Ph.D. in genetics. His excellent knowledge has assisted Seattle Genetics in improving cancer treatment by developing ADCs. The technology is highly efficient and has been adopted by various pharmaceutical corporations across the globe. The drugs that the firm has manufactured have been commercial in the U.S and different regions around the world. Seattle Genetics has managed to penetrate the international market by working with companies such as Genentech and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The firm has managed to offer the world a reliable cancer cure that does not have significant side effects, unlike the traditional therapies.


Adam Milstein’s Roles In Real Estate And Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a very successful businessman who lives in Encino, California. He is an entrepreneur who founded his own real estate firm, Hagar Pacific Properties. His company owns hundreds of properties across the United States that they rehabilitate and then manage. It is estimated that his company, for which he is the Managing Partner, has more than $2 billion invested in real estate.

Another thing that Adam Milstein is broadly known for is his philanthropy and dedication to issues surrounding the state of Israel and Jewish-American people. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation along with his wife. This organization supports Jewish students who want to discover their roots and identity as Jewish-Americans. Additionally, they mentor these students with learning opportunities and educational materials. Adam Milstein’s dedication to this cause led to him being named one of the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 recently.

Among the other ways that Adam Milstein has given back to the community is through founding the Israeli-American Council which advocates for closer ties between the United States and Israel. Milstein and his team at this national advocacy group seek to influence American foreign policy to support Israel and its right to exist. They also advocate for Israeli-Americans and the causes that matter to them. Adam and his wife Gila are both effective at this especially as immigrants with Adam from Israel and Gila from Morocco.

Adam grew up in Israel and fought in the Yom Kippur War. After graduating from the Technion, with degrees in business and economics, he emigrated to the U.S. along with his wife and children. Once in California he enrolled at the University of Southern California and earned an MBA in Business Administration. After graduating he worked as a real estate broker for a few years before founding Hagar Pacific Properties.

The types of properties that Adam Milstein runs the gamut from industrial properties, office space, retail, and multi-family residences. His role at the company involves him handling the company’s financing and accounting as well as having a hand in which properties they buy.



Thor, The Tyrants’ Nuisance

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, recognized as Thor Halvorssen, is a human rights advocate, from Venezuela. He is also a film producer in individual rights, public policy, public interest advocacy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor is also the initiator of Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly gathering and human-rights festival that is comparable to the Davos economic forum. He is also the president of the Human Rights Foundation; a society dedicated to universal freedom and human rights.

Following an activist lineage, Halvorssen is a campaigner against human trafficking, slavery, democracy threats, and dictatorships. He has addressed human rights topics at the Harvard Law School, United Nations Association in New York, American Enterprise Institute, and the New York City Junto. He has also addressed the British parliament.

Halvorssen’s father was detained while probing into possible bank fraud and money laundering from the Medellín cartel. His father was accused of terrorism during his incarceration period in the Caracas jail. Thor Halvorssen directed his father’s release campaigns and gained the support of Amnesty International, which mobilized other International organizations to issue protests. Halvorssen’s dad was finally established guiltless of all the charges. After his release, Thor was selected as the Pan-American Committee director. The Pan-American Committee is the United Nations -Allied International Society for Human Rights. Halvorssen organized a Lucent Technologies campaign shareholders meeting that attracted for the creation of an anti-slave labor policy, requiring China to declare that Lucent products are not manufactured using manual slave labor.

He announced the establishment of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is a global society, campaigning for the characterization of human rights, with special regards to the concepts of tyranny freedom, and self-determination. Through the United Nation International Society for Human Rights, Halvorssen has also campaigned for the release of other political prisoners, and other human rights violations all over the world. Halvorssen is a recognized supporter of Rebiya Kadeer, the Chinese Uyghur leader, and has piercingly condemned the Taiwanese Kuomintang government ban on Kadeer visitation. Thor at Facebook.

He is also a film executive producer, taking advantage of satire, ridicule, and humor to resist tyrant systems. Halvorssen’s achievements have been rewarded by the University of Pennsylvania and Emil Constantinescu. To many, he is considered a serial critic of Latin dictators and dictatorial regimes, a menace for tyrants.

http://nypost.com/2017/01/10/how-venezuelas-corrupt-socialists-are-looting-the-country-to-death/ for more .

OSI Group has Continued to Acquire More Companies for Expansion Purposes and is Not Relenting

OSI Group is a reputable privately held food company that provides assorted value-added food products to retail food organizations and other key players in the food service industry as well as managing food chains. OSI Group is globally recognized with over 65 facilities spread in 17 countries, which guarantees its clients support and consistency in supply anywhere in the globe to help them grow their businesses. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschwsky as a small meat shop. The management moved down to his sons and entered multiple strategic partnerships, which has seen its growth to what it is today.


In a bid to expand its operations and increase production, OSI Group acquired convenience food, deli meats, and snacks manufacturer, Baho Foods last year. Baho has five subsidiary companies that include Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods as well as two processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. The firm operations are spread in 18 European companies, which translate to a wider presence in Europe for OSI Group. The two companies complement each other and enjoy combined strength in meeting their clients ever changing needs. OSI Group also acquired a food processing facility and a warehouse belonging to Tyson Foods in Chicago. The facility’s location is near OSI’s facility, which provides the much-needed infrastructure to meet the supply needs of their ever-growing clientele base as well as grow the business even further.


Throughout its existence, OSI Group has always been keen in the matters of environment management. This unwavering commitment made the firm be among the 18 organizations that were awarded a Globe of Honour last year by British Safety Council. OSI emerged the winner after it satisfied an independent panel of its undoubted efforts in environment management.


Wengie Life Hacks Your Day


Wengie has come back to save the day with her latest collection of life hacks set to make your life not only easier but a bit more fun at the same time. So if you are like me, you can’t wait to get into the mix and start making your life better one hack at a time.


Wengie Hacks Your Home


Often I find myself struggling with my keys every day after coming home, especially if it has been a long or boring day, making my return to my sanctuary a little less peaceful and a bit more stressful than I would prefer. This is especially a problem when I come back from the market, turning my return home into a bit of slapstick comedy for any of my neighbors fortunate enough to catch me.


Though, Wengie has the perfect solution to banish my, and yours as well, key woes while simultaneously styling up my everyday carry. By using just a bit of different colored nail polish for each key you have, simply apply the polish to the top of your key, forever letting you know which key you have and making your key ring a little brighter at the same time.


Wengie Saves Your Slippers


If that life hack left you wanting more ways you can improve your life and have a bit more fun, as it totally should, you can get your fill of all things life and all things hacks, including life-saving hacks that may help you survive an attack or unforeseen emergency, over at WEngie’s Youtube channel where she posts new videos to help you and I live the best lives we can. Head over to her Youtube channel now and get your life hack on with the rest of her subscribers.


How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Founded Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a physician and the owner of the Dental Sleep Masters. He acts as a seminar instructor at the school that he established in 2014. They instruct dentists on how to use oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders. He attended Rutgers University where he graduated with a degree in Psychology and Biology. Avi Weisfogel has a DDS from the College of Dentistry at New York University.

Avi started his dental practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care after completing school. He won many awards in the community for his professionalism and service. Avi later established Healthy Heart Sleep. This is a company that taught physicians how to setup and manage sleep labs. He founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient two years later. It gave lectures on the treatment of sleep patients to dentists.

Ideamensch recently interviewed Dr. Weisfogel. He gave a few tips about how he got to his current place. He said that the idea for Dental Sleep Masters came from his experience as a dentist. Weisfogel mentioned that he had been interested in the field of sleep medicine for many years. He finally decided to venture into the field after discovering that there was an untapped opportunity.

Weisfogel stated that he starts his day with a prayer and then speaks to his life coach for an hour. He then keeps busy during the day by talking with members, attending business meetings, and taking calls. His ability to take constructive criticism has been the main reason for his productivity as an entrepreneur. Weisfogel said that the worst job that he ever had was being a dentist. He did not like it.

Regional marketing was the reason why his business had been able to grow fast because it is very easy for a client to find him. His biggest failure was moving into the sleep lab business too late. The lessons he learned helped him to develop his current business. He recommended “The Power of Now” which he said would help people to understand how they can improve. He finished by saying that he looked up to Steve Jobs because of his attention to detail and his inventiveness.

Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/draviweisfogel

Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a comprehensive financial services firm located in Dallas, Texas. It has a number of other office locations throughout the world and the United States. This firm currently has offices in New York City, Singapore, Brazil and South Korea. One of the things that has made Highland Capital Management one of the leading financial firms in the industry is its specialization in collateralized loan obligations. Highland Capital Management has been able to help clients earn high returns and more effectively manage their capital with this product. Over the years, Highland Capital Management has adopted more products and services to offer to its many clients.


At the beginning of the firm’s history, Highland Capital Management offered life insurance products to its clients. The firm was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who were very experienced professionals in the finance industry. When they founded the firm, they looked to put together a company that would offer products that would greatly benefit consumers. However, the firm looked to provide even more products and services to consumers in order to meet emerging demands. Highland Capital would then begin to offer a wider range of services to clients such as financial advisory and wealth management. It would also provide services such as asset management to institutional investors.


Over the course of the firm’s history, Highland Capital Management has built a very loyal client base. It started out by providing life insurance to individuals and families. This firm would then begin providing life insurance to businesses as well. After a few years, Highland Capital would then begin to provide comprehensive financial services to a number of other types of investors as well. During its history, the firm would begin providing services to government entities, corporations, pension fund investors and financial institutions. As well as being involved in the financial services industry, Highland Capital is also one of the more charitable firms in the United States. It annually provides funding for a number of causes that improve the quality of life in the Dallas community. The firm provides funding for things such as healthcare, community improvement and education.



Eric Pulier’s Innovative Career in Tech

The hallmark of a successful entrepreneur lies in their ability to innovate and bring something new to the table. Entrepreneur work can be tough and many people end up flaming out of the process. We look to Eric Pulier, a Harvard graduate and tech juggernaut, in order to really appreciate what a successful career can look like. Eric Pulier may look like a fresh face in the industry but he is far from that. Pulier has been making the tech world work for him since the ’90s. Let’s take a look at what this tech entrepreneur has been up to over the years.


Pulier got his start in the tech world as a child. While still in middle school he was messing around and programming on computes. Keep in mind, this was the ’80s and computers weren’t as easy to access as they are today. By high school graduation Pulier was already running his own computer database company. Can you tell where his story is trending? Pulier went on to attend Harvard where he wrote for the school paper, the Harvard Crimson. Pulier graduated from school with a Bachelor of Arts and it wasn’t long before he was off to Los Angeles in order to get an edge on the competition.


Eric Pulier landed in L.A. in 1991 where he would go on to found ‘People Doing Things’ — a company that offered evolved technological ideas to the healthcare and education worlds. Pulier would springboard from this first company into his next effort: Digital Digital Evolution. From there on out the rest was basically history. Pulier has funded or founded 15 different companies in the technological field and there are more to come in his future. He’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars along the way, cementing himself as a true juggernaut in the tech world.


Perhaps Pulier’s most important work comes in the form of his philanthropy. Pulier has worked extensively to fund charities for children with chronic illness. He’s worked directly with guys like Stephen Spielberg and Norman Schwarzkopf Jr to develop Starbright World — a platform for children with chronic illnesses to connect with one another.