Dr. Clay B. Siegall: Fighting Cancer Through New ADC Technology

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. is known for having co-founded Seattle Genetics, Inc. in 1998. He is a scientist by training and serves as a board member of several biotechnology companies and other scientific organizations. He earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Zoology from the University of Maryland in College Park MD. He then went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Genetics at George Washington University located in Washington, D.C.

After college, Siegall worked for a number of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and genomics companies including PDL Biopharma, MedImmune, Genentech, and the Curagen Corporation. He also served the U.S. government with stints at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health which are part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. From 1991 to 1997 Siegall worked for the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics  in 1998. He put his years of training to work to ensure that his company did quality work in the scientific community. He has been a leader in cultivating antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) which are potent biopharmaceutical drugs used to treat cancer. He successfully secured FDA approval for his first ADC drug, Adcetris, in 2011. Seattle Genetics collaborated with the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to make Adcetris a global brand accessible to people around the world.

Under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics now has many strategic licenses for dealing with its ADC technology. He has agreements with a number of companies including AbbVie, Genentech (Roche), Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. So far these collaborations have made over $325 million. Currently there are over 20 ADCs undergoing clinical development using the technology created by Seattle Genetics. Plus, Dr. Siegall leads the fund raising activities of his company. Through both private and public financings, the company has secured over $1.2 billion.

Dr. Siegall has served on the boards of several companies such as Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc., and the Washington Roundtable. He has also been given several awards including the University of Maryland’s Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences (2013) and the Entrepreneur of the Year (2012) issued by the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young organization. Dr. Siegall is also the author of over 70 publications and he also holds 15 patents.


How Capital Anesthesiology Association is Reinventing Anesthesia Services

If you live in or near Greater Austin, Texas then you’ve probably heard about Capital Anesthesiology Association. This organization is the ultimate when it comes to providing the very best in anesthesia services. With so much growth throughout the years, CAA has become one of the biggest independent practices that specialize in anesthesiology. Here is a look at the different types of services being offered below:


  • Cardiothoracic Anesthesia
  • Obstetric Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Regional/General Anesthesia


Every aspect of services are being provided here by some of the very best medical personnel. Did you know that Capital Anesthesiology Association has up to 80 physicians? Did you know that CAA also has about 130 certified registered nurses? That’s right! Patients are guaranteed a comfortable environment, relaxed atmosphere, as well as the highest quality of service. Everyone works in unison with each other, which gives the patients a more efficient process. What other independent practice can say this? Whether it’s a Level 1 Trauma Center, High Acuity Hospital, or a Surgical Ambulatory Center, CAA has them all covered from head to toe, literally.

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The highest quality of services are performed on all levels whether it’s clinical or administrative. The billing process can be frustrating especially when dealing with insurance carries, but CAA supports any and all through it’s process as well. This is by far the finest of services in one of the most demanding fields of work.

One Of The Greatest Leaders Nabors Industries Will Ever Have; Anthony Petrello

Also referred to as Tony, Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries where he has faithfully served since October 2011. He has also been the president of Nabors Industries Ltd which is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco located in Canada.

Tony Petrello’s extensive study and experience are what has made him successful when it comes to leading the firm into success. Tony petrello graduated from Harvard Law School with a J.D degree, and this was not enough for him. He knew that if one desires to succeed, he/she should have a good education background. With this in mind, Tony joined Yale University and attained a Masters in Mathematics.

With a good education background, the industry was waiting for him. He started working at Nabors Industries Ltd in 1991 as the chief operating Officer. Before joining the company, Tony Petrello had been employed with Baker and McKenzie Law firm as a managing partner as from 1979 to 1991. He was working in the New York Offices and while working there, he was able to develop a network with affiliate organizations. As from 2003 to 2012, Anthony was the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd while still acting as the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. Taking up leadership position was not a hard thing for Anthony as he knew he was born to be a leader. In June 2016, Tony was appointed the Chairman of Nabors Industries Board of Directors.

Mr. Anthony Petrello has been able to gain a lot of skills from his work experience, and this has helped him operate the firm and lead it on the right track. What made him elected as the CEO after the former CEO left is the fact that the company’s share price had increased with an 80% mark since the time Anthony was the chief executive officer. He was able to foster a healthy relationship with the firm’s investors, and this has brought success to this multi-billion oil company. Anthony Petrello is among the well-paid individuals in the world. Ever since the appointment of Anthony as the firm’s CEO, Nabors Industries has had more investors as compared to the previous years under another person leadership. It has expanded and grown regarding profits with the help of Anthony’s leadership skills and experience.

Some of Petrello’s work as the firms CEO includes managing leadership teams, implementing plans, coming up with strategies for the company, linking with the investors and recruiting individuals for top positions. He is known for his teamwork spirit and his commitment to ensuring Nabors Industries attain its objective and goals.

Levenson Sues Insurance Company over Danny Ferry deal

Former Atlanta Hawks owner and UCG founder Bruce Levenson has filed a lawsuit against insurance company AIG. The lawsuit involves terms that were said to be in place concerning the contract of General Manager Danny Ferry. It was in June of 2015 when the contract of Ferry was bought out. The firing came in the third year of a six year deal that Ferry signed in 2012. That contract was worth $18 million.

Levenson and the now defunct Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC believed that an insurance policy they had with AIG would help cover some of the costs of the buyout agreement. AIG though is in disagreement.

AIG, also known as the New Hampshire Insurance Company, has not given any official and public comments concerning the lawsuit brought on by Levenson. James J. Leonard, a lawyer with Barnes & Thornburg, LLC, is the one in charge of representing Levenson and his ownership group and strongly believe that the lawsuit brought on by Levenson strongly has its own merit.

In a report by Forbes, ‘Despite an obligation to pay and the acknowledgement that certain parts of Mr. Ferry’s claims were triggered by the AIG policy and that the claims clearly fell within the policy coverage, AIG has failed and refused to pay the covered loss without significant justification and in bad faith. AIG had no reasonable basis to contend that a claim had not been made and that such claim was not covered. The lawsuit basically speaks for itself’ said Leonard.

Reference: http://brucelevenson.com/




Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Unique Business Success

The fashion industry may seem competitive or even overcrowded. In fact, most people fear investing in it. However, there is space for the strong minded and creative brands like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The active wear, fitness and accessories business has grown to a tune of $250 million in just three years. It is thus right to say, Fabletics is taking on Amazon. The company has been able to grow in leaps and bounds due to the unique business model. It is composed of customers selecting their preferred brands, they then enjoy convenience and friendly membership. In the process, the magic mix has helped the company to register members who account for the 30-50% of the people who get into their shops to buy.



Over the years, the question on what is a high value quality has changed. Previously, people argued that high value brands were expensive and of good quality. However, this is not true. This is because today, people consider a number of factors like exclusive design. They also consider customer experience, brand recognition and last-mile service to determine a high-value product. Fabletics it has thus embraced a membership model to enhance customer experience. The members are recognized and offered personalized services while getting different products at half the price.



According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics, it is easy to make customers happy when you know whom they are and exactly what they want. It is wise because the company is able to exactly know what people want to buy and delivery it. The argument has enabled the business to soar within three years, and still the future is bright. The business strategy has been hailed because customers can create relationships with the company.



Unique Fabletics Business



The focus of Fabletics is to inspire people to stay healthy and active by offering clothing that inspire them when they are working out. The designs are of high quality and they just make clients look good and feel good. It is also a business, which encourage the clients to their membership community. It has a mission, which encourages people to live out their passion every day. Clients have labeled their quality and one-of-a-kind clothe line as one that caters for different people. Members are also given a chance to access high end activewear at an affordable cost. This includes getting free points, which can be redeemed.



When customers are shopping, Fabletics gives them a chance to choose the best way they can stay active. This is by giving out options to help shop for the right clothes easily. It is possible to get attire for running, doing yoga, going to the gym or cycling. It also depends on if a person will do the activities indoors and outdoors. The attires are in different types, sizes and colors. More so, they are categorized in terms of the time of the day it will be fit for you to work out. Flabletics takes care of those who are curvy, lean and plumb. The different options combined with excellent customer service makes it worth.

Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen Success

Nathaniel Ru is the Co-CEO of Sweetgreen, a restaurant idea that combines farm to table foods along with an appealing customer service experience. He came up with the idea back in his college days when he and his friends could not find a viable healthier alternative to the fast food and junk food options in the area. Ru wanted to create a place where natural healthy foods were available, but also create a fast and easy experience for the diner. The Sweetgreen idea was the solution.


Although he had a difficult time getting the space they needed to launch their Sweetgreen idea, they now are opening restaurants in several major cities such as Boston and New York. Nathaniel Ru credits the success to the ability to provide local and fresh foods to his customers that are appealing, and a dining experience that is affordable and quick. He credits the success to his philosophy of core values, one of which is “win, win, win”, where the customer, the community, and the company all have an interest and should all come out ahead. He also believes in “keeping it real” in regards to the authenticity of the food, to the actions of the employees.


In addition to the restaurant, Ru created the Sweetlife music festival. The idea was born when in order to get customer’s to come to the new place, he offered music outside on the weekends. The connection between the food and the music was strong. It is now the areas largest food and music festival, with nearly 20,000 people attending. Food trucks, sellers, growers and musicians alike are part of the festival.


Each restaurant is uniquely designed to fit within the neighborhood and to provide the best customer experience. Most kitchens are open designed so that the food can be seen, and each customer is walked through their order individually so that they can choose what they like and ask questions about ingredients, which are listed as to the local source they originated from. The waiting line is run like a well oiled machine and the customer can get in and out quickly.


Sweetgreen and Nathaniel Ru also take care of employees, noting that this is another reason for his success. Hiring motivated people and keeping them together in teams, like a family. The result is satisfied customers and the continuing growth of the Sweetgreen line of restaurants. .


3 Benefits Of Switching To A Cleansing Conditioner

If you’re a hair care enthusiast, chances are that by now you’ve heard about cleansing conditioners. With cleansing conditioners, instead of using shampoo and conditioner, you can cleanse and moisturize hair with one product.

Unlike traditional 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, cleansing conditioners rely on natural products that keep hair healthy and preserve its natural protective oils. These products stay away from harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrances to detoxify your hair and bring it back to health.

There are many benefits when it comes to making the switch to cleansing conditioner. Here are three of our favorites.

  1. Hair Transformation

Cleansing conditioners are free of harsh ingredients found in most commercial shampoo and conditioner brands. One popular product, the Cleansing Conditioner by Wen by Chaz, uses botanical extracts and vegetable glycerin to get hair squeaky clean while providing it with moisture. After a week of usage, hair that was dry, frizzy and damaged transforms into silky, luscious and soft hair.

  1. Improved Skin

Did you know that synthetic fragrances can seriously irritate the scalp? These synthetic fragrances can cause dry, flaky and itchy skin and lead to embarrassing conditions like dandruff.

While most hair care products use synthetic fragrances, cleansing conditioners use natural essential oils that won’t result in scalp irritation.

  1. More Savings

Because cleansing conditioners take the place of both shampoos and conditioners, you will save money overall on hair products. Cleansing conditioners also keep hair so healthy and soft that the need for constant deep conditioning treatments goes away, saving you even more money in the end.

Plus, when it comes to cleansing conditioners, a little product goes a long way. Therefore, you won’t be going through a bottle of this product as quickly as you go through your shampoo and conditioner. Visit http://chazdean.com/store.aspx more info.


If you’ve been on the fence about making the switch to cleansing conditioners, hopefully the benefits listed above have won you over. This miracle product will transform your hair and scalp while saving you serious cash.

More information available on wen.com. Follow Wen on Twitter for updates!

James Dondero’s Intelligent Move To Help Raise $2.8 Million For Family Place


James Dondero helped to co-find Highland Capital Management where he currently serves as the president. HCM is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the alternative credit management industry across the world. His 30 years journey in the field of credit and equity markets has been incredible. He has been focusing hugely on high yielding as well as distressed investing.


Dondero is also known for creating the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life from scratch to a net worth of more than $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. He has worked at American Express, first as a corporate bond analyst, and later as a portfolio manager. He kick-started his career in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty training program, where he worked as an analyst.


HCM was incepted in 1993, and since then, it has been the market leader in developing collateralized loan obligation market and in the development of credit oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors globally. Among the award-winning products offered by the company include separate institutional accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, REITs, ETFs and Mutual funds.


Recently, James Dondero announced a $1 million grant challenge offered by HCM. The grant challenge is meant to push forward an on-going capital raising campaign for The Family Place. HCM aims to help the non-profit organization raise the remaining $2.8 million out of the initial target of $16.5 million. Highland Capital Management promised to match every donation made by 50 percent until it gives out $1 million.


The Family Place is known for its tireless efforts to prevent and eliminate cases of domestic violence using proactive measures. They intervene through advocacy, providing assistance to the victims and conducting extensive community awareness. Thousands of Texas residents exposed to abusive environments have found help, protection, as well as self-sustenance. All the programs provided by the Family Place are available in both English and Spanish.


The Highland Dallas Foundation, which serves as the philanthropic arm of HCM will be responsible for administering the grant, expected to end on April 4, 2017. The capital raised from the campaign will aid in the construction and management of the Ann Moody Place. The proposed expansion will increase the capacity of the organization to respond to the needs of more individuals involved in domestic violence.


The $1 million grant challenge announcement was made on early October 2016.

List of Most Edited Wikipedia Articles of 2016

Wikipedia has released its list of most edited articles in 2016. The top position was claimed by death and US president Elect Donald Trump. Wikipedia pages are edited by thousands of human editors assisted automated computer programs called bots. According to the NPR online magazine, the annual death listings have been the favorite of many people since 2007. The 2016 US election featured prominently, with 5 listings in the top 10. The Donald Trump page was the second most edited page because his campaign was dominated by his character, moral inquisitions and business deals.

Hillary Clinton on her part did not crack the top 20 list, but her list of presidential campaign endorsements came in at number 3. Unlike Donald Trump, Clinton’s political campaign was mostly shaped by her political lineage, her respectability and support from the masses of Democrats and Republicans. The annual death list on Wikipedia ranked higher because death is notable, consistent and unavoidable. The catalogue of deaths included that of David Bowie, Fidel Castro, John Glen and Muhammad Ali. The top 5 most edited Wikipedia articles in 2016 were:
• Deaths in 2016
• Donald Trump
• Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements
• The US Presidential Election
• Republican Party presidential primaries

The other articles that featured in the top 10 edit list include; Orlando night club shooting, Bailando, sports in 2016 and South Korean music. According to a list obtained from Wikimedia Foundation and published on the BBC the most edited articles of all time are those of George W. Bush with over 45,000 edits followed by list of World Wrestling Entertainment personnel with over 42,800 edits.

The Benefits of Wikipedia page creation
There are many benefits a business or an individual can get by making a Wikipedia page. According to SEOpressor.com, making a Wikipedia page can improve your own reputation and credibility, enhances your visibility and boost your search engine results. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited site online. The open source community can be edited by anyone, including dedicated volunteers. However, some people take advantage of this good will to make edits that can hurt your business reputation or personality.

If you want to protect your reputation and brand on Wikipedia, you can hire Wikipedia editors from sites like Get Your Wiki. The site offers comprehensive Wikipedia consulting services, who will help you create, edit and update your page. The consultation is performed by highly skilled Wikipedia editors who follow Wikipedia practices that require pages to be properly formatted and supported by reliable sources. The company also offers monitoring and translation services and will update a Wiki page for you with any new or relevant information. You can get a free quote within 24 hours by visiting Get Your Wiki website, where you will submit a request simple form.

Uncertain world of NCAAF Betting on Covers.com

Sports have always been an interesting thing for the fans. But when the dimension of betting is included, the fun doubles up with excitement and thrills of uncertainty. This is where, Covers.com comes in the picture that works as a platform for the fans to play with NCAAF odds, football odds or College Football odds to get some extra cash. This is indeed a harmless hobby, and when it is done with moderation and logic, there is no big harm in it. For a true football fan, Covers.com is the place to try their luck and get something more than the game itself.

1. com is one of the most popular sites to place a bet for any kind of games. However, this site is best known for its focus on football games in colleges i.e. NCAAF. On top of that, this is indeed one of the most visited sites that provide useful updates on most popular games including but not limiting to NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. In addition to game updates, the site is also popular for its betting features that include betting tips, betting preview, betting analysis as well as a scope to bet on a game.

However, betting in Covers.com is not like usual gambling. Rather than focusing on a win-loss gamble, Covers.com uses a spread betting method. This intuitive method was developed by an accountant from the UK. In this arrangement, people do not bet on the actual win or loss. Rather they bet on a predetermined range of score differences between the two team. For example, let’s consider a football game between Team A and Team B where Team A is the favorite and Team B is the underdog with a spread of 7.5. If Team B beats Team A by 7, then it is said that Team has covered the spread. If someone is lucky enough to guess the point difference in that game, he or she will win a huge money from the bet.

While there are numerous websites for spread betting, most of the have some issues with them. In addition to that, there are a couple of marked sites that uses illegal approaches as well. But Covers.com is not like that at all. This site is quite popular, and the professionals always advise the people to place a bet on a game. Another reason to recommend this site is that they have a team of highly professional experts who are always providing updates and analysis of every upcoming game which the fans will find really helpful. If the fans a look at the Southern California Trojans vs. Penn State Nittany Lions analysis article from Covers.com, they will find it really helpful to play with the NCAAF odds, football odds or College Football odds.