LeornadoGuarente is a 62-year-old biologist and the director of the Glenn laboratory for the science of aging at MIT. He was interested in the aging preference in humans and wanted to look for a way in which he could counteract the automatic process. He decided to work hand in hand with Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli and founded the Elysium Health.http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/08/is-elysium-healths-basis-the-fountain-of-youth.html

Elysium health notion was to prove that the supplement it provides contains what its supposed to have and that it has been tested for safety and efficacy. The company has created a pill which is known as Basis. The pill boosts the levels of a specific protein known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Basis was to hinder aging since in their research they found out that, if they promote the NAD compound level, it may prevent aging of the mitochondria. They also found out that the more one ages, the more the NAD levels fall.

Elysium health wanted to be different from other supplement industries by selling their products in minimal packaging online. They also had an advisory team of about six Nobel Prize winners who worked hand-in-hand with them. Another beneficial factor was since it was a dietary supplement, it did not need any approval from the FDA, and hence they could sell them anywhere. As it started, it bought its ingredients from ChromaDex Company but later on lost its connection. This is because they tried to take over its board against ChromaDex’s will.

According to the MIT review on Elysium, they focused on Guarente the biologist. He believed he could alter the aging process in humans from his discovery when he tried it with lab rats and worms. From arguments of other people, it was concluded that he probably couldn’t reduce the aging factor in humans. However, the drug only contained a diet with few curbs that could lessen the metabolic reactions in the body. He argued that even if they came up with a drug that would reduce the metabolic rate of their bodies, one might not notice it, but it would still be very effective.

As much as they work to translate the latest health discoveries and aging research into products that will benefit the consumers, their cellular health pill was found to have various side effects. Some of them include; hair growth, skin smoothening and more energy. These results are not harmful but essential. So their primary purpose to solve most significant health challenges and help people to live healthy and long lives is still on their achievement list. They are working hard to provide the fountain of youth to consumers.

Efforts to End Citizens United Pick Up Steam

The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision to come down in favor of Citizens United in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. was a momentous decision that has significantly changed the political landscape. In the time since this landmark decision, the End Citizens United (ECU) group has been working tirelessly to have the decision overturned. With their support in many races throughout the country, ECU has been growing in its ability to impact the political races that are happening now. The idea that corporations are people is an idea that many would like to see overturned, and ECU has been at the forefront of the battle.

Beleaguered Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is likely facing primary competition in addition to a strong Democratic challenger named Randy Bryce. Mr. Bryce, who is being backed by the folks at End Citizens United, is not an average politician. Bryce is a strong proponent of campaign finance reform and is very far to the left of all of Speaker Ryan’s positions. Bryce is the local political head of the Ironworkers Local 8 union, and he is also a United States veteran in addition to being a cancer survivor. It will be interesting to see how Bryce fares in the upcoming election as his popularity throughout Wisconsin grows.

ECU is a strong supporter of Bryce’s and has offered its vocal support as well as financial donations. Bryce believes that campaign finance reform needs to be at the top of the list and that Citizens United has got to go. Ryan’s war chest is in excess of $11 million, while Bryce has reported raising just $353,000, with most of the donations coming in following the endorsement of ECU. Bryce, while definitely the dark horse, is gaining more popularity as more Wisconsin residents learn more about him and what it is that he stands for. Many DC pols have their eyes on this race in Wisconsin, realizing that the outcome may have a significant impact on how politicians finance campaigns.

Founded in the early spring of 2015, the End Citizens United PAC is funded by grassroots donors and is dedicated to using all of its resources to bring about campaign finance reform. Through their work, ECU offers financial support to pro-reform candidates, continue to keep the issue of Citizens United and other problems with the current campaign finance rules in the forefront of the national conversation and keep the pressure on elected officials through their grassroots efforts.

End Citizens United believes that there is a dire need for campaign finance reform and more rules need to be in place to keep corporate money out of elections. ECU is working tirelessly to ensure that grassroots efforts have a greater impact on the political landscape.

For more info: action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

Samuel Strauch Of Metrik Real Estate Talks About His Business

Inspirey, an online publication that interviews business people and other influential figures recently interviewed Samuel Strauch. He is the founder of Metrik Real Estate, a real estate development company based in the Miami metro area.

Samuel Strauch shared his business story with Inspirey and shared some tips with the publication. Below are some highlights of the questions and answers during the interview with CEO, Mr. Strauch of Metrik Real Estate Inc.

The first question posed to Samuel Strauch was what his initial plan when he started Metrik Real Estate. Samuel Strauch says that the founding of his own real estate development company had everything to do with timing. He was living and working in Miami at the time. Strauch had also traveled extensively throughout Latin America.

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About 15 years ago, Samuel Strauch noticed that the city of Miami was not just becoming a resort spot for vacationers. It was becoming a city of its own. Samuel Strauch then realized that there existed a golden opportunity to invest in and develop real estate in the city of Miami. His travels in Latin America and business there had also created a network of contacts. Strauch realized that with his business experience, the real estate boom and his contacts, that he could easily launch a real estate company and do very well in this field.

The next question given to Samuel Strauch, the founder of Metrik Real Estate was what is his business strategy for his firm. Samuel Strauch says that his business strategy revolves around staying on top of the technological breakthroughs that are occurring in our lives at a more rapid pace than ever before. In addition to keeping up with technology, Samuel Strauch says that it is important that his team is knowledgeable about the trends and preferences for today’s younger people. For example, younger people now share work spaces, want to experience different cultures and use the web and social media extensively. By incorporating these trends in Metrik Real Estate’s developments, investments, management principles and strategy, the company should be on the path to success.

The next question given to Samuel Strauch was how does he make his younger employees feel fulfilled at work. Mr. Strauch says that he tries to foster fulfillment at his company by understanding the goals and passions of his employees. He then assigns them to certain roles and tasks that fit with their interests. Samuel Strauch believes that when people are happy and motivated they perform better.

See: http://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/samuel-strauch/

Finding the perfect lip balm for you

EOS is a refreshing lip balm and body lotion company specializing in natural, effective lotions, lip balms, and shaving creams in invigorating scents and flavors in inventive packaging.

All EOS products use premium ingredients and are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and gluten-free. EOS products are never tested on animals and are free of any known skin irritants and additives such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, and paraffin. These nourishing and delicious lip balms are a wonderful addition to any beauty routine.

EOS lip balm is their most widely known product, and they have been steadily expanding their lip balm product lines recently to appeal to everyone. They now have seven main lines- all with different benefits, plus seasonal special release flavors as well.

Thier Organic lip balm line is a line of fruity flavored lip balms such as Strawberry Sorbet and Pomegranate Raspberry which are made completely with organic ingredients.

The Visibly Soft Line features long-lasting hydration in sweet indulgent coconut oil infused flavors such as Vanilla Mint and Honey Apple.

The Crystal Lip balm line is completely wax free-perfect for vegan customers-and includes floral infused flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

The Active line of EOS lip balms features the fruity and refreshing Lemon twist and Pink Grapefruit which features an SPF of 15- perfect for an active outdoor lifestyle, find out more here.

The Shimmer collection is a line of lip balms that adds just a hint of color to the lasting hydration EOS is known for, and the medicated Cooling Chamomile flavored lip balm is a perfect soothing solution for sore chapped lips.

EOS has truely thought of everyone with all their amazing styles of lip balms, and even better-they are affordable and easy to find online and in store at many major retailers such as amazon.de, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target.

Additional information here on http://www.fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de/2013/11/eos-lip-balm-review.html.


Success Journey of Sheldon Lavin in OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of meat and food processing company, OSI Group. Prior joining the firm over 40 years ago, Lavin was running a financial consulting firm. He also had a career in the banking industry as an executive and investor. By then OSI Group went by the name Otto &Sons and needed funding to help them manage supplying meat to McDonalds Corporation. The bank approached Sheldon Lavin through his firm and requested him to take a position at Otto &Sons. He took over the position of the company’s financial consultant beginning his journey in the meat processing industry.

Successes at OSI Group

When Sheldon joined OSI Group in 1970, he was just a mere outsider. However, he had the desire to transform the company into a world class meat and food processor. In 1975, his involvement in the company increased as he started looking for international opportunities. At the same time, Otto retired and Sheldon became a partner with the sons. Sheldon appreciated the business culture McDonald applied in business. When he was requested to joint OSI Group full time, he agreed without hesitation.

Thorough his leadership, OSI Group managed to penetrate new markets in North and South America, Taiwan, and Europe. In the early 80’s, one of the partners decided to sell out his shares and Lavin bought them giving him half control of the company. When the other partner retired over a decade ago, Sheldon gained full ownership of the company.

International and Local Growth

Once he gained control, Sheldon decided to further expand the company, both domestically and internationally. The company expanded to Australia, Philippines, China, India, Japan, and South Africa. In 2016, the company further expanded their presence in Europe when they bought Baho Food and Flagship Europe.

On a local level, OSI Group bought Chicago based, Tyson Foods which was at the verge of closing due to financial problems. Through the purchase, OSI Group managed to save jobs for employee who would have otherwise been left jobless. The company also managed to expand their production options in Chicago. These expansions leave OSC Industries with 70 facilities in 17 countries and over 20,000 employees globally.

Sheldon Lavin’s Secret to Success

While the company follows the principle of leadership, they mostly operate as a family. This has played a great role in encouraging loyalty and teamwork. The company is also very conscious of giving back to the community and is involved in several charitable organizations.

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Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

No More Struggle Thanks to Neurocore

People today live at high speeds. They are busy and sometimes taking care of mental health becomes secondary after earning a living. Depression is one of the most widespread mental illness people battle every day. It is very common, but there is still lots of stigma surrounding this issue. Doctors and researchers don’t yet hold all the answers. It is now known that one of the reasons is a chemical reaction in the brain but the treatment can not be classified as ‘one size fits all’ type of thing. Each case is different, and this is why Neurocore Brain Performance Centers wanted to have a better understanding about depression as well as introduce better methods for treatment.

It is important for people to seek help when they are diagnosed. The sooner they do, the better their chances of being cured are. Cases, no matter how severe, can be overturned and people can be cured of this otherwise very debilitating disease. People often find it frustrating and many people do because they don’t understand it. It is not easy to explain unless you have experienced it on your skin. Information is one of the most important things in reducing the stigma and finding more funding to help more people struggling with depression.

Neurocore works tirelessly to help people. They perform diagnosis on the brain and create specialized treatment on a case to case basis. They help people to increase their productivity, overcome mental struggles and allow people to learn how to help themselves on a daily basis. Motivation is a big factor when dealing with depression, and motivating oneself is hard for everybody. Neurocore creates ways people can find more motivation to get out of a bad cycle depression pulls them in.

Medical innovation and technology advancement go hand in hand, and the experience of everybody who works at the Neurocore is combined to keep improving the techniques they use to help their patients. There is no way that one day there will be no more people suffering from depression but improving the methods of treatment can ensure that they don’t have to suffer for years.

Robert Ivy Keeps A Watch On The Future Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is a very talented and inspiring architect. One of his many attributes is the ability to look to the future of architecture while maintaining respect for the past. He fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming an architect by earning a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University following the completion of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Sewanee: The University of the South.

Ivy rose to distinction by becoming the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He envisioned seeing architects offering more than just building design, but as creative consultants to a variety of industries and not just the building and construction industry. As business schools promote and implement design-thinking programs, architects will be well positioned to analyze and solve such related problems.

As the building trades experience changes, Robert Ivy recognizes that architects have become a mainstay. The future is projected to be sustainable design and all trades and industries are embracing the shift. Architects, as well as landscape architects have become responsible for stemming the tide against environmental assault. The architectural design industry has become the task master to help preserve the environment and return damaged and disturbed elements back to its original form.

According to Ivy, it is the architect that has led the charge when it comes to changing the way buildings and landscapes are designed and protected. Building designs are embracing the protection of such features against wea5ther events such as hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. The ultimate goal is to minimize destruction due to such events and minimize and even eliminate loss of life.

Robert Ivy has an extensive background in architectural design, construction, as well as permitting such projects and has made it his mission to uphold best design and construction practices. He has achieved that through his years as a principal at Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale, as well as authoring a number of publications guiding architectural design. Ivy served as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record and through his leadership grew to become a world renowned and widely read journal.

In addition, Ivy also served as the VP (vice President), as well as the Editorial Director of McGraw Hill Construction Media which includes such publications as Sweets Catalogs, Constructor, ENR (Engineering News Record), HQ Magazine, Architectural Record: China, SNAP and the Sustainable Design magazine. Ivy was also a member of the panel that selected the architect to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

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Whitney Wolfe Gets Married and Enhances Her Dating App Perspective

A great number of people are out there in the world of dating apps and looking for the perfect mate. Everyone is not always successful when they are meeting people in restaurants and bars. Some people may not even take the time to look because they are so discouraged about the possibility of dating. This is why there are more people that are going to be interested in checking out what Whitney Wolfe offers with her dating app.

This is a dating app called Bumble, and it is the social media darling that has been deemed a feminist dating app. Women make the first move with this app, and that may be the thing that has impressed people the most. So far it has become the type of app that connects to a whole new crowd of singles that are interested in getting a quick response. The thing that has made people notice the app in the beginning is the fact that Whitney Wolfe was a young female that was bringing this into place. She was someone that was totally taking the industry by storm because she was providing a whole new way to look at it.

Recently Whitney Wolfe got married on the Amalfi Coast, and it became an interesting thing to see because she was putting all of her time into assessing what single women wanted. Now she has the ability to look at a full spectrum of what it takes to go from being single to being married. She has a better understanding of entire process, and her marriage could actually make her dating app better.

People that have seen the progression of Bumble are keenly aware of the fact that Whitney Wolfe is thinking outside of the box. Ladies realize that she is actually putting time into thinking about more than just an app where singles may communicate a little bit and have a first date. Whitney Wolfe is actually creating environments where people that connect to the Bumble app may be able to meet in person. For more info about us: http://moneyinc.com/whitney-wolfe-10-things-didnt-know-ceo-bumble/ click here.

Whitney is definitely able to do a lot of different things now that she has been able to get married. Her perspective changes, and it also serves as a motivation to women that are trying to transition from being single to possibly finding a mate to marry. The recent marriage of Whitney Wolfe can motivate discouraged single women.

The Inspiring Career of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was basically born into the tech industry. As a child he fell in love with computers and programming and he was proficient before he was even out of grade-school. Pulier was one of the lucky ones who knew early on in their life what they want to do for a career. Pulier was going to make difference with technology. Nowadays, Eric Pulier is the CEO of vAtomic Systems which is a mobile tech company focused on digital goods. Pulier has done a lot since he landed in Los Angeles back in the early ’90s and there is definitely something to learn here.

As an entrepreneur Pulierhas to always be ready to jump in on the ground floor with promising companies. Pulier has been part of at least 15 different companies as a founder or one of the financial backers. Along the way he has made his mark on several important companies including Digital Digital Evolution and People Doing Things. What is more impressive than Eric Pulier’s early work in the tech field is how he bridged the gap into philanthropy while sticking to what is important to him.

Eric Pulier’s philanthropic work has spanned several industries but they’ve all been uniquely important to him. To start with we’ll talk about the XPrize Foundation. The XPrize Foundation is one of Pulier’s more innovative works. It is a competitive foundation that brings opportunity to young entrepreneurs who have an idea and the willingness to develop it. Moving past that, Pulier has committed a large amount of time and money to helping out disadvantaged children through the Painted Turtle summer camp. The Painted Turtle summer camp is a camp that gives a chance for children with chronic illness the chance to breathe free and enjoy fun with their peers. Pulier has also worked with Peter Samuelson and Stephen Spielberg on social media network for chronically ill children called Starbright World.

As a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Eric Pulier is always looking for the next project. Readers can keep up with his work online or in his published works.

Karl Heideck’s Pointers To Success As A Lawyer

Becoming a successful lawyer is a journey that is not as easy as some people may lead you to believe. The formal education required takes several years, including a minimum of four years of law school. Karl Heideck, a Philadelphia-based attorney specializing in litigation, compliance and risk management discusses his experiences and work history. He also gives his thoughts on some of the things that every young or aspiring attorney needs to know to be successful.

Karl Heideck’s Tips for Young and Aspiring Legal Professionals
The first piece of advice that Karl Heideck offers to law students is that they should make sure to check out the bar requirements well before leaving law school. That is because it is important for the student to be thoroughly familiar with the state where they plan to practice law. Students who do not have a particular state of mind can opt to take a multistate bar exam.

Additionally, it is important for an aspiring lawyer to consider their personality when choosing their area of specialization. That ensures that they pick a field of law that they will enjoy working in during their career life. For instance, to practice litigation, a student needs to have a personality that lets them tolerate people who are aggressive.

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Karl Heideck also advises law students to interact with top law professors, practicing students and other legal professionals while still in law school. He says that these connections will become essential once the student begins to practice. Besides making connections, it is important to maintain regular contact.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a renowned Philadelphia-based litigator. Karl had the opportunity to work with numerous high-profile clients during his career life. The attorney managed to work in a variety of areas including litigation, risk management, and compliance. He has more than ten years’ legal experience, which places him at a better position to offer legal advice.

His impressive educational background matches his extensive experience as a legal professional. He studied English and Literature at the Swarthmore College. He then joined the Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, where he graduated as an honor student.

Find more about Karl Heideck: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/05/24/karl-heideck-explains-lawsuit-philadelphia-against-wells-fargo/