The Ultimate In Haircare Products

The current Haircare Industry is huge and makes billions of dollars every year in sells along. Finding the right products can be extremely difficult if you don’t know where to start. The haircare isles of most stores are as long as “the yellow brick road,” which can leave you frustrated in your hopes of finding the best product. Since we as a people all have different hair textures, universal products are about as similar to an oasis in the desert.

In the attempts managing hair, most people do a bit too much or are a bit too extreme. Washing for example, is a necessary function of maintaining great looking hair, but washing your hair too much can lead to excessive sebum production. This is the opposite of what people are looking and this excess sebum can and will leave you with a greasy feeling. Even some of the best conditioners will strip the hair of moisture with consistent use, but many people are unaware of it’s significant behavior. Luckily for you there’s a more healthier version on the market and it’s known as WEN hair by Chaz.

WEN by Chaz Dean is the ultimate when it comes to proper haircare. Unlike many of the other famous brands such as Pantene and L’Oréal; (WEN) products lack the dangerous chemicals known as sulfates. These harmful chemicals can cause dry scalp and even hairloss to a higher degree. WEN by Chaz products comes from a more natural base and hosts some of the best ingredients that comes from nature such as:

  • Wild Cherry Bark
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Shea Butter
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Pmogranate Extract
  • Panthenol
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

The list alone is a testament to the Sephora advertised brand‘s ethical value. No more suffering from embarrassing scalp conditions and let WEN by Chaz guide you into your best hair days.

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Keith Mann has a long history of working in the financial staffing industry. Mr. Mann began his over 15 year career in staffing at Dynamics Executive Search, where he held the position of a managing director. As director, he recruited for financial service clients and dealt with compensation. He also came up with hiring strategies to attract top talent to firms that were the company’s clients.


Keith Mann created the alternative investment practice branch at Dynamics Executive Search in 2002. This was after he realized, that the hedge fund industry was grossly undeserved by the current financial staffing and compensation industry. It was also a rapidly growing industry at the time, whose needs were only going to grow and require more service in the future.


Mann would further enlarge this division to staff and compensate for the private equity industry. In 2009, Keith Mann left his position at Dynamics Executive Search and created his own staffing firm which he called Dynamics Executive Search. Its goal was to help the alternative investment industry find top executive talent. Keith Mann is the present CEO of Dynamics Executive Search and controls day to day operations.


What Keith Mann’s Work Day At Dynamics Executive Search Looks Like


Being a CEO and in charge of a company was a big transition for Keith Mann as he had first started out as a trading assistant for a bank. Mr. Mann said he did not like working at the foreign exchange desk and always dreamed of being his own boss and running his own business. With Dynamics Executive Search, Keith Mann has realized his lifelong career dream and ambition.


At an interview conducted by, Keith Mann has stated that his days are filled with lots of meetings with his employees as well as potential hires for clients. There is lots of communication by phone, email and in person. Keith states that constantly working to improve the business and looking for ways to meet needs is what drives him. A morning workout he says, also goes a long way to helping him on the job.

Nathaniel Ru in Business

Starting a restaurant is a dream for many people. Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have started companies in this industry. However, the failure rate is really high for these companies. If you want to take things to the next level with your company, it is important to plan ahead. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job with Sweet Green, which is a company that concentrates on natural and organic food in the marketplace. With all of the excitement around organic food, he is in a good industry for growth in the future.


Nathaniel Ru

When he first started his business, Nathaniel Ru did not have a lot of extra money. However, he did have a great passion and work ethic that he issued to get his business off the ground. If you want to invest in your future, you need to make sure you have a dream that you can get excited about. There were a lot of tough days, but his passion for success kept him going. Nathaniel Ru is someone who has done a lot of good in the world through his business. He donates his time and money to help causes that he is passionate about. Not only does this help him make an impact, but it also makes his company look good as well.



Starting a restaurant is tough because the margins are so small. Although a lot of people say that they want to eat healthy, few people are able to pay for it. Nathaniel Ru knew that a lot of people wanted to eat healthier, and he started a food company. Sweetgreen concentrates on providing sweet food with natural and organic ingredients. Although it is not necessarily healthy food, Nathaniel Ru still understands how to get people to natural ingredients through food that tastes great.


Final Thoughts

Over the next couple of years, Nathaniel Ru plans to continue to grow his business. He has made a lot of investments of both time and money into Sweetgreen. With all of the growth that is in the industry, he knows that this is a great opportunity to take his business to the next level. If you are thinking about starting a food business, it is important to do your research on the front end. A lot of people jump into a new business without thinking about it, and before long they are in debt and stressed out. Nathaniel Ru is a great example to young business owners in the local community, and he is starting to spend more of his time helping other people get to the next level in their life.


What you must know on Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is basically being in control of what individuals see when they search you on Google. Your ultimate responsibility is to ensure that people are impressed on what they find when they search your or your company. There are a few procedures to follow to help you promote positive news about your site. You will need to maneuver a simple trick to push down unwanted, competitive and irrelevant information at your website.

Analyze your online reputation and ranking

You need to find out if you have any online problems and if it exists, how terrible is the situation. You will have to diagnose your Google ranking and what shows up when you search your name. Based on where your name ranks, you can determine the corrective measures you need to take. You need to have a good relationship with your associates and customers and improved discipline; the same transpires to online reputation.

Introduce personal search engine optimization

This is a process of improving web content to make sure it shows up as high as possible when an individual searches your name, your product or any relevant keywords. SEO is significantly crucial, when one searches for a particular keyword, over 100 results shows up. You need to properly restructure your website and ensure that your site is credible for a search engine to understand it.

Emergency tactics

After identifying your Google problems and creating an advanced SEO website to raise your reputation, it still may not be enough. You will need more efficient techniques. You can’t really get rid of negative individuals or unflattering content since not everyone will like your ideas or products. When bad or negative information is posted about you, the first emergency tactic is to take it down. Figure the company who hosts the site ( and find their terms of service agreement and if the site is in violation file a formal complaint to have it removed.

Nevertheless, that process may take long and ruin your reputation. The quickest way out is to bury the negative posts. Create positive content; keep updating your website with fresh information it will essentially bury out the negative information. This does not remove it from the search engines but drastically reduces its appearance.


Securus Technologies explains why GTL is a company we can never trust

It did not come as a big shock that GTL had mis-characterized the recent Patent Trial and Appeal made by the board ruling. I have followed up GTL’s activities for some time and I can attest that they have offered inaccurate information. In recent news, GTL accused Securus Technologies of not having enough technology. They went on to state that they did not have enough software and do not have a large patent portfolio as such. Anyone that knows Securus Technologies knows that this information is misplaced. I suggest that both Securus and GTL go on a technical challenge. It is more likely that GTL will not accept the challenge since they will go on a massive defeat.


GTL’s recent inaccurate information concerning Securus reminds me of a football player who scores a touchdown. He celebrates crazily even when his team is down several goals. In this case, Securus is the winning technology giant. The claims GTL made about Securus having their not being patent was highly inaccurate. In their recent press release, Securus pointed out how they win the patent game. They have a patent 239 issued to them by the government. GTL on the other hand has 66 issued patents with several pending. The statistics point out that Securus wins with a massive margin in license records.


I find Securus Technologies as a highly reliable company. I have learned from recent news that Securus has received accreditation by the BBB the company has an A rating. It provides help to correction facility in a bid to keep communication safe and secure. Securus is a company that has its customers at heart. Companies like Securus deserve a proper recognition and a proper commendation for the nature of their work. They are always honest, filled with integrity and follow the law out rightly.

Successful 21st Century Mortgage Lending

Applying for a mortgage can be frustrating, especially in times of a slow economy. Banks just aren’t willing to work with many of it’s clients/customers. Financing plays a pivotal role in the mortgage process, but hope has finally made it to Dallas, Texas in the form of three organizations. Habitat For Humanity, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, and NexBank have partnered up to give specific individuals/families a chance of owning their very own home.

This partnership handles each process of the transaction perfectly. Being non-profit, (Habitat)and Dallas Neighborhood Homes will handle the support, counseling, and identification process while NexBank takes care of the finances. This is a stand up move for the regional banking institution. In such depressed economic situations, most banks wouldn’t consider making a business move of this degree. NexBank stands out from the pack thanks to it’s expertise, leadership, and net worth. The bank has an estimated $3.5 Billion in assets and specializes in many of the services needed to greenlight this operation. TheAffordable Housing Loan Programis expected to last for five years and are looking to provide over 100 loans each year. NexBank steps in with it’s grand $50 Million loan support which fits the program perfectly.

These loans will take away the city’s burden and give families a chance to have something of their own, which benefits the adults and kids thanks to Nexbakn. A higher quality life is the goal and can be expected from this program. All of the pieces are in place to create a much brighter future for Southern Dallas families.

Amazing Information about the Founder Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the Founder, Chairman, and the CEO of He is the former founder and the CEO of the Chopper Trading. Mr. Fernando uses his over 25 years experience in the global financial markets to give advisory services to his companies and boards that he serves. He also has over ten years experience with the cyber securities initiatives. Mr. Fernando graduated from Beloit College with an economics and history degree, and then attended the University of London. He started in 2016. Since inception, the company has been providing trusted information to their clients with the aim of increasing their productivity and aiding in their growth.

Mr. Fernando began his career while still in college. He volunteered with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and he continued working with them after completing his college degree. Raj Fernando served in various departments at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1991 to 2001, working his way up from the lowest positions to the executive positions. He worked with other trading firms including Rosenthal Collins Group, LFG, and Indosuez Carr Futures. Later, he started Chopper Trading in 2002, and he stopped full-time trading to concentrate on building his company.

Chopper Trading is a trading company headquartered at Chicago Board of Trade Building. The company has approximately 250 employees who are the brightest engineers and traders. He hires the very best in the industry. Raj Fernando is selective on the workforce that he wants and therefore, his workers go through a lengthy and involving training program and choose the best employees who are interested in a long-term engagement with the company. Through his leadership, the company has risen into one of the largest markets globally. Chopper Trading has in the past traded on the CME, Nasdaq, Eurex, ICE, and LSE. Mr. Fernando sold the company to DRW in 2015.

Additionally, Raj Fernando is on the Board of Directors for PAWS Chicago, American Security Project, and Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Mr. Fernando is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and he is on the Foreign Leadership Committee member at the Brookings Institute.

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Understanding the Kabbalah Teachings

The Kabbalah culture has several definitions, and each of these definitions depends on the aim and tradition of those who follow it. The Universal Kabbalah has been referenced in Christianity, Judaism, Occultism Followings and New Age. These teachings are a set of esoteric that are specifically meant to explain the origin of human beings, the connection between the unchanging, the mortal, everlasting and the finite universe.

Kabbalah is not a religious denomination as many people believe. It is actually a foundation where interpretation exists. The Kabbalah interpretation defines the nature of existence and any other ontological question.

The main aim of the culture is to teach individuals about the essence of losing oneself other than finding oneself. The teachings from Kabbalah teachings encourage individuals to value other people than they value themselves. Following these teachings promotes peace and harmony among people from different culture.

Kabbalah Universal is divided into three main parts. One of these parts is theoretical, and it mostly focuses on the inner personalities of angels, reality, and souls. The second is meditative, and its goal is to make sure an individual achieves an elevated consciousness or may be some level of prophecy using some particular divine names. The third part of Kabbalah teaching is magical, and it specializes in influencing or changing the course nature by use of amulets, using incantations, magical signs and talisman.

The followers of Kabbalah teachings place different levels of importance on the various parties. However, the biggest group considers the theoretical part to be the most important, especially when studying. There is a large group that believes in the Kabbalah Jewelry. This jewelry is very common in the modern times. People who wear them think that they are protected from evil and that they have good health.

The Kabbalah Centre was started many years ago by Rav Yehuda. At the moment, the Kabbalah Centre is the largest international religious  organization that was founded to spread the Kabbalah culture to the new generations. The centre provides people with knowledge that can improve their daily lives and also get rid of chaos in the globe. The teachings promote peace and humanity among different people.


Markus Rothkranz Healthy Pizza Recipe

In this videoYouTube star, lifestyle guru, and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz shows viewers how to make a pizza that is actually good for you! He calls it the IncrediPizza and the recipe is raw, vegan, and gluten-free.

Markus starts by showing how to make the crust. He uses young Thai coconut meat, coconut water, nutritional yeast, red onion, and ground chia seeds. He blends them all together in a powerful blender like a VitaMix. Then he spreads the mixture out on a dehydrator sheet and puts it into the dehydrator for two to four hours until it gets crusty on top. Then he flips it over and lets the crust sit overnight.

Then Markus makes the tomato sauce. He uses fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, cashew milk, dates, garlic, sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. He blends all the ingredients together to make the sauce. To make the cheese, Markus uses cashews, pine nuts, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, water, and sea salt. He blends the ingredients together to make a dairy-free “cheese.”

Markus then demonstrates how to make vegan “pepperoni.” He uses coconut meat, Irish moss gel, sun-dried tomatoes, red bell pepper, chopped raisins, beets, and soy sauce. He puts all the ingredients in the blender until just chopped up and combined. He then makes small round patties of the mixture and puts them in the dehydrator for an hour or two, then flips them and dehydrates the other side. Finally, he constructs the pizza with the sauce, “cheese,” “pepperoni,” and vegetable toppings. He suggests putting the constructed pizza back in the dehydrator for around an hour to make it warm and crispy.

Nathaniel Ru and the Innovative Sweetgreen Restaurant Concept

Sweetgreen is a truly exciting concept in the fast food industry. In fact, many would have called it impossible before the restaurant’s launch in 2007.

Sweetgreen is a fast food restaurant focused on salads as the main dish. In a world where there are people who wouldn’t dare throw a lunch party with salad as the main dish, this restaurant chain has thrived and grown extremely quickly. In just 9 short years, the chain now has 40 locations in major cities throughout the country including New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago and cities in California. Nathaniel Ru is the CEO and founder of the innovative chain. There are certain business elements that he states are the most important to him, to retain the integrity of his brand.


  • Customers should wait in line 15-minutes or less,
  • The ordering process should take about 2 to 3 minutes,
  • One team member designs your salad from start to finish to ensure accuracy,
  • After you’ve completed your order, you step out of line and pick up your food at a different spot,
  • Technology should make ordering easy in-app or online,
  • Food should be locally sourced and organic whenever possible,
  • Fresh produce should be delivered to each location every morning,
  • Staff should make all dressings and other signature foods from scratch daily,
  • Each branch should serve casual diners for workday lunch, dinner and weekend meals,
  • Staff should smile often and be friendly and welcoming, while walking you through your entire order,
  • Each location should feature a clean, modern design, so patrons feel safe to eat there, and
  • Patrons should be able to see the kitchen and everything that goes on during the preparation of their food

Ru has managed to successfully, turn this concept into a successful and franchise-able package that works in all regions of the country.


Trendy, Convenient and Fun

One of the most exciting things about going out and shopping is the experience of shopping in trendy stores, with large pictures of models wearing the modern fashions you’re shopping for. Ru sought to emulate this feeling with his restaurant designs. He wanted every restaurant to give customers that same feeling of trendiness and shopping they get at their favorite upscale stores.

You will see large, beautiful photos of the foods the restaurant serves throughout every location. This also contributes to the overall pleasant experience and enjoyment of your meal.