EOS: Lip Balm Products That Deliver Smoothness and Softness

Lip balm products represent a great sense of style. Notably, there have been new entrants in the field of lip balm manufacturing hence introducing a lot of diversity in the beauty and fashion industry. Among the significant lip balm brands, today is the EOS lip balm products.

EOS lip balm products are comprised of several distinctive flavors which have impacted the beauty industry greatly. Some of these flavors include:


Sweet Mint Flavor

This EOS lip balm flavor has a silky sweet and refreshing fragrance. Its moisturizing effect gives your sweet lips the needed moisture to make them very soft.


Passion Fruit Flavor

This lip balm flavor gives your lips a natural taste of passion. It also refreshes your lips leaving them soft due to its moisturizing effect.


Strawberry Sorbet

Give your lips a pink appearance with a cherry-like taste that rejuvenates your sweet lips, available here on amazon.de.


Blueberry Acai

This flavor is comprised of 95% natural lip balm filled with stimulating acai and pineapple tastes. It also gives your lips a medicinal value because of its antioxidant properties.


Pomegranate Raspberry Flavored

This taste offers a smooth feeling in your lips while delivering a balance of smoothness and raspberry aroma.


Summer Fruit flavored

Summer fruit flavored lip jelly gives your lips a good natural taste of blueberry, strawberry and peach flavors.


About EOS

EOS is a lip balm manufacturing company famous with the millennial. The abbreviation stands for Evolution of Smooth. The company was founded by Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller with an intention to take care of the changing needs of the lip balm users in the market, go here to check more info at dm.de.

Unlike the old day’s lip balms, consumers want products that smell good, are organic and offer an appealing look. As their names suggest, these flavors are derived from fruits or plants and come with organic candy taste. EOS lip balm products have numerous benefits which include healing and moisturizing sore and dry lips. Of significance, the lip balm has no negative effects on the user regardless of their skin condition.