EOS Reviews Rave All About The Vegan Lip Balm Choices

When you head into the store to find chapstick for your lips that are chapped, do you resort to the classic line of chap stick or do you struggle to find something that taste better? If you stand in the checkout line and find yourself starring at the products for sale close to the checkout line, you have already discovered EOS lip balm.

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The new collection of lip balms being made by Evolution of Smooth is removing the beeswax from the line. The removal of the beeswax is vital for shoppers who want to purchase something more animal friendly. Even though the beeswax is only using bees for the making of the product, it is still something that people have strong feelings about.

Most of your other brands of lip balm are going to have other ingredients that you find useless in lip balms. If you want a lip balm that is good tasting and has users finding the lip balm to increase the moisture in their lips, the brand you want to trust is Evolution of Smooth. Better known to shoppers as being the lip balm known as EOS.

When EOS first released the new lip balm, the number of crystal containers sold in record time. They continue to make top of the line lip balms for the smallest price possible. Many of the stores sold out of the crystal formula lip balm in just one day, view here. When EOS released a statement on the EOS website, the customers were instructed that the flavors were available in some stores around the world.

For users who use this brand of lip balm, they were introduced to the brand by beauty editors who had nothing but good things to say about the brand. The new vegan formula is once again all the rage surrounding lip balms, see makeupalley.com.

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