Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Politics Should Never Be Left To Politicians Alone

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a business man and an agriculturalist. He is the former president of FEDECAMARAS and is the current deputy of the Guarico State National Assembly. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the one that offers the quality of two successive experiences for the service of the public from two different angles that are less the same complimentary. He ca best be described as the entrepreneur-politician.

Like the many sectors of the government and the public, the agricultural sector is in a precarious situation. The country stopped producing more than 500 thousand tons of rice. It as also stopped producing more than 300 tonnes or corn. This has led the country to a condemnation of a dangerous type pf supply as well as spare parts. The little the country achieves cannot sustain them.

The National Assembly has tried to understand the current prevailing situation in agriculture. But it can all boil down the unsuccessful management. A closed government and door have always pointed its flaws as well as weaknesses, but it has continued to turn a deaf ear to the claims. It keeps urging that the matter does not depend on them alone but in the real sense, the issue starts with them. The coalition government has shown the corruption of the highest level n the country. The country has also not survived the stealing of the public funds as well as embezzlement.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Ph.D. holder in economics from the University of Columbia. His record in the profession has led him to acquire many positions, especially in central bank as well as being part of making decisions for public and private sector advisory positions. He became a professor in the UCM University and lectured in advanced economic courses in the university. Manuel also became an economic advisory to various private and public institutions in the bank of Espana, the European Commission as well as the World Bank and IMF.