Dr. Jennifer Walden- Philanthropist and Plastic Surgeon Who Helps the Community of Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden spent her childhood in Austin, Texas. She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in the Galveston area before she completed her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. Once she completed her fellowship, Dr. Walden went on to open her own private practice before she decided to return to the Austin area.

Before she returned to Austin, her successful business in New York City flourished. It was only after she had twins that she decided to move back to Austin in order to allow for her family to be closer to her and for her kids to be able to know family better.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing plastic surgery for a good portion of her adult years and is committed to helping those who are in need for cosmetic surgery. She offers assistance in breast augmentations as well as face lifts and nose jobs. She also offers help to those who need liposuction as well as Botox. Click here to know more.

There is a limited number of doctors who are female that work in the cosmetic surgery area. She is among the select few that work in the Texas area.

The work she does within the community for plastic surgery is not the only way that she helps her community. She also works to help those less fortunate in the area each year. Dr. Walden has in the past partnered with FIT, Food in Tummies to help ensure that kids who attend school and receive free or reduced lunches are able to go home on weekends with food to help make sure that they are able to eat when not in school. For each student that receives a free or reduced lunch, they are given a backpack on Friday before going home that has an amount of food that will help to feed them when not in school. Because kids are able to go home and eat on the weekends, they are healthier and focus better when in school.

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