Jason Hope – Propagating the Advanced Internet of Things Technology and its Applications

Jason Hope is among the most distinguished technology experts, author, entrepreneur, and futurists in the United States. Jason Hope often speaks about the importance of evolution in the technological world and how it has the power to transform the world as we know it today. As a futurist, Jason Hope firmly believes that many of the technologies that seem unthinkable now are very much possible in the future, including technology that could stop ageing and increase the life span of the humans to a great extent.

Among much other technology that Jason Hope feels that would take over the existing technology in the future, one of the most critical technologies he often speaks about is the Internet of Things Technology. The internet of Things technology would help in connecting just about every electrical device one can think of, which can assist in relaying information among the network of devices in real time. Such a technology can be of great help in just about every sector one can imagine as well as in the daily lives of people as well. Starting from making morning coffee to taking out the print outs in the office and from large scale industries to space technology, the internet of Things technology has infinite possibilities for the future.

Jason Hope is enthusiastic about this latest technology, and it has become widely popular in Europe for many of the companies and organisations here have started using it on a small scale to understand its applications more practically. The Internet of Things technology is utilised in the aviation industry as well and can help in reducing incidents of accidents. Any damage to the engine of the airplane can be easily detected through the IoT technology, which can then help the technicians to look into the damage and repair it without delay. Click here to watch video.

Jason Hope is a highly qualified individual who has studied finance from the Arizona State University and completed his Masters in Business Administration from the WP Carey Business School. He is also a generous philanthropist, and donates to many charities, including the research foundation named the SENS Research Foundation. It is an organization that develops therapies for terminal illness and is researching extensively on anti-aging and mortality.

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