EOS Makes Success Look Easy in the World of Lip Balm

The lip balm industry may not seem like a highly competitive market at first glance. On closer inspection it is obvious that the lip balm market is dominated by the big brands that have been around. All of these big brands have tried and true lip balm products and lip balm containers that they use every year. The slender tube with a cap is the common look that lip balms have. The surprising thing about the lip balm industry as of late is the upstart success of the EOS lip balms.

According to fastcompany.com, the Evolution of Smooth company sells primarily lip products. However they have added on a few other beauty care products like gentle shave cream and moisturizing lotions for the hands, feet, and body.

What makes the Evolution of Smooth company such a success in the competitive lip treatment business has everything to do with packaging and celebrity promotion and a little to do with hiring a sales agent.

The EOS company started their successful venture by recreating the way lip balm packaging is designed. The EOS company hired some artists to create a new design that was comforting to hold for consumers and visually interesting. The chosen shape was a round globe. It resembles a planet, the moon, the sun, or a round berry. This design is comforting to the eyes and rests easily within the palm of someone’s hand. The product itself was made to be organic and natural to appeal to the modern consumers who prefer natural products when they can get them.

Celebrity promotion played a large part in the appeal of this product. This is a common strategy by beauty companies. What is an uncommon celebrity promotion method that the EOS company used is asking famous beauty bloggers to test out the product and review it for their followers. This encouraged a lot of millennial beauty product enthusiasts to buy the EOS lip balm.

The last thing that helped the EOS company become the second top selling lip balm product of the year, was their use of a sales agent. The sales agent helped them get their product to be sold in Target stores. It’s difficult to get a new product into a store straight away. With the expertise of a sales agent and persistence on the company’s part, they pushed for the product to be sold in retail stores to as many consumers as possible.

By all appearances, EOS made their success look easy. The reality was that hard work and smart techniques really is how they are managing to do so well in such a short amount of time.