List of Most Edited Wikipedia Articles of 2016

Wikipedia has released its list of most edited articles in 2016. The top position was claimed by death and US president Elect Donald Trump. Wikipedia pages are edited by thousands of human editors assisted automated computer programs called bots. According to the NPR online magazine, the annual death listings have been the favorite of many people since 2007. The 2016 US election featured prominently, with 5 listings in the top 10. The Donald Trump page was the second most edited page because his campaign was dominated by his character, moral inquisitions and business deals.

Hillary Clinton on her part did not crack the top 20 list, but her list of presidential campaign endorsements came in at number 3. Unlike Donald Trump, Clinton’s political campaign was mostly shaped by her political lineage, her respectability and support from the masses of Democrats and Republicans. The annual death list on Wikipedia ranked higher because death is notable, consistent and unavoidable. The catalogue of deaths included that of David Bowie, Fidel Castro, John Glen and Muhammad Ali. The top 5 most edited Wikipedia articles in 2016 were:
• Deaths in 2016
• Donald Trump
• Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements
• The US Presidential Election
• Republican Party presidential primaries

The other articles that featured in the top 10 edit list include; Orlando night club shooting, Bailando, sports in 2016 and South Korean music. According to a list obtained from Wikimedia Foundation and published on the BBC the most edited articles of all time are those of George W. Bush with over 45,000 edits followed by list of World Wrestling Entertainment personnel with over 42,800 edits.

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