Securus Technologies Working with Others to Prioritize Safety

Securus Technologies, a top provider of criminal justice and public safety technology-based solutions, received feedback from its product users in correctional facilities. The products and services help in monitoring, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, information management, inmate self-service, emergency response, and incident management. Securus Technologies purposes to increase public safety by preventing social problems. As such, the company works on developing a new product or service at least once a week.


The emails came from jail and prisons officials across the US who praised Securus’ effort in making society better. One of the beneficiaries of the Securus products and services noted that through monitoring phone calls, the facility was able to capture a member of staff who brought contraband for prisoners. The fight against substance abuse in prison enhanced in one of the facilities as the officials monitored the phone calls. Also, the officials obtained a lead to a past incident.


Another email acknowledges Securus’ vision and its transformational products that have revolutionized investigations. The officials also thanked Securus Technologies for their prompt response in helping them use one of its products. The emails also mentioned LBS software’s efficiency in tracking and recovering illegal assets within the facility. Securus’ Investigator Pro was equally acknowledged.


Securus allows public safety and correctional agencies and investors to visit its Technology Center located in Dallas to comprehend further its model for solving and preventing crimes. For over 25 years, Securus Technologies has committed to providing solutions that would reduce recidivism, increase public safety and avert crime. Securus has also acquired organizations that offer complementary services and products to realize its objective. The company acquired Syscon Justice Systems a global leader in offender management systems in 2007, Satellite Tracking of People in 2013, Direct Hit Systems in 2012 CellBox, a managed access system provider in 2015, JPay a payment systems provider in 2015.


Securus Technologies Helping Catch Dangerous Fugitives

When me and the rest of my team on the fugitive task force get the call a dangerous suspect is on the loose, we drop everything to make sure our community is safe. This month we were told that a person of interest was in the area, breaking into homes and using excessive violence in order to get the things he needed. My superiors warned my team that this suspect needed to be taken off the streets today in order to eliminate the threat of violence towards residents.


This was one of those situations where we had no informants or family members that were coming forward, so we really needed to make some headway fast. We raced to the local prison in the hopes of getting inmates to come forward, and were handed a new resource we had not used this year. Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in the jail that gave the guards the ability to pay close attention to what the inmates were saying on the phones. Having already gotten them excited by our presence, we knew they would be talking soon.


Securus Technologies is in 2,600 jails throughout the country, and the CEO of the company says his 1,000 employees are dedicated to making our world safer. Once I understood how the LBS software worked, we got to work seeing if the inmates had any information that could help us in our pursuit of the suspect. Just when we thought it may not pan out, we heard one inmate mention our suspect and how he wanted to get a message out that the suspect should leave his cousins because the heat was getting closer.


Needless to say, we left the prison and surrounded the location that afternoon until we were able to safely take the suspect in without any incident.


Securus Technologies explains why GTL is a company we can never trust

It did not come as a big shock that GTL had mis-characterized the recent Patent Trial and Appeal made by the board ruling. I have followed up GTL’s activities for some time and I can attest that they have offered inaccurate information. In recent news, GTL accused Securus Technologies of not having enough technology. They went on to state that they did not have enough software and do not have a large patent portfolio as such. Anyone that knows Securus Technologies knows that this information is misplaced. I suggest that both Securus and GTL go on a technical challenge. It is more likely that GTL will not accept the challenge since they will go on a massive defeat.


GTL’s recent inaccurate information concerning Securus reminds me of a football player who scores a touchdown. He celebrates crazily even when his team is down several goals. In this case, Securus is the winning technology giant. The claims GTL made about Securus having their not being patent was highly inaccurate. In their recent press release, Securus pointed out how they win the patent game. They have a patent 239 issued to them by the government. GTL on the other hand has 66 issued patents with several pending. The statistics point out that Securus wins with a massive margin in license records.


I find Securus Technologies as a highly reliable company. I have learned from recent news that Securus has received accreditation by the BBB the company has an A rating. It provides help to correction facility in a bid to keep communication safe and secure. Securus is a company that has its customers at heart. Companies like Securus deserve a proper recognition and a proper commendation for the nature of their work. They are always honest, filled with integrity and follow the law out rightly.

Securus Technologies reaches out to inmates offering a free call

Securus Technologies is a leading communications company that provides exceptional services to correctional facilities located in North America. They help connect incarcerated inmates with their family members and loved ones, helping them stay in contact through their term. Securus Technologies understands how difficult it has been to stay in contact while tragedy strikes in Louisiana with the recent flooding, so they have opted to help connect loved ones by offering inmates one free call per day, per inmate. The tragedy in Louisiana has raised anxiety and stress for many, so Securus Technologies is helping to provide the free calls for one week up until September 7th in efforts to help reduce the anxiety and stress that many people are experiencing.



Securus Technologies main focus is to help tie the lines of communications together for incarcerated inmates and their loves ones to keep the lines of communication open between the two parties. They understand the effects of open communication and offer many different services that are available to the inmates as well as their family members. They are stationed in Dallas, Texas, and have been working in the industry for many years. They are proud to be able to help those in need, and have estimated the value of the free phone calls at $300,000. They have also made a promising donation of $50,000 to help out with those who are experience hardship through the flood. Their exceptional services and generous donations within the community allow inmates to connect with their family which helps to reduce their stress and anxiety. Securus Technologies is responsible for services 3450 facilities throughout the states and look forward to continuing to provide the services for many years to come. They provide a secure line of communications for many and work using the top of the line technology.