Goettl’s Home Cooling Efficiency Plan

Goettl is one of the premier HVAC servicing companies out in the southwest and they’ve been repairing both commercial and residential air conditioners for many years. But they are also connected with local community colleges and HVAC education programs and they are always eager to help people learn about home cooling tips. In one of their latest interviews, they explain how to keep your home’s air conditioner running amid the hot summer months while also saving on power bills.

One of the first priorities to keeping an air conditioner running at peak performance is to insulate your home from extra heat. This means installing thick insulation in the walls and making sure the attic doesn’t allow absorbed sunlight to penetrate into the rooms below it. It also helps to make sure windows have films protecting the rooms they’re in from extra sunlight. Second, Goettl recommends having the unit sheltered in shady areas outside so that the sunlight doesn’t cause it to run too often. The unit should also be constantly cleaned and tested for air quality because maintaining it regularly extends its life.

Goettl was founded in the 1930s by Adam and Gust Goettl who had moved to Arizona during the Great Depression to build cooling systems for major companies and government outfits. Since then, Goettl has become a major repair and installation company in the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas, though now they are making Las Vegas the center of activity. One reason they’ve maintained a solid reputation is that a Las Vegas local Ken Goodrich has instilled an attitude of family towards employees and customers and has formed a working relationship with Paradise Air, Las Vegas Air and The Sunny Plumber company. Goodrich has also sponsored training programs for veterans including donating tools and funds for them to complete HVAC certification courses.