Statistics About Jeunesse Global That You Should Know About

There are some facts about Jeunesse Global that you should know about that will likely impress you and convert you into a customer. The first being that the company is not some big conglomerate only out to make a buck. Rather, they are a family-owned business that was founded just back in 2009.

Despite the relatively young age of the company, the amount of revenue that it has generated is truly astounding. The fact is, the company already creates more than $1 billion in annual sales. They crossed that number in 2015, but that was just the start for them.

Triple-digit growth in 2016 was the target for the company, and it is looking very likely that this goal will be achieved. In addition to that, the company has received a top 10 ranking for direct sales in North America. They are a top 20 company in the world in this category. They are also hiring people like crazy right now with year-over-year hiring growth rates at about 95%.

All of these stunning growth figures are a result of the incredible products that Jeunesse Global puts out on the market. They do not hold back when it comes to producing the best of the best. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Think of products like “Reserve” and “Nevo”. These are two things that exist in a different way from other companies. However, what Jeunesse Global has done is create their own unique version and spin on these products to make them even more appealing to a larger segment of the population.

Reserve is the nutritional supplement made by Jeunesse Global that is supposed to be used as a diet aid of sorts. The purpose of this being that the person who takes this diet aid is able to resist their hunger urges a little better. If it works as described, then that person may have better luck losing weight.


Nevo is the energy drink that Jeunesse Global created. It has just fifty calories per can, and has real fruit juices in every serving. Also, there are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. These are just the types of things that Jeunesse Global does a little different for the benefit of their customers. Download the app at Google Play Store.

USHEALTH Advisors Markets The Insurance Services of USHEALTH Group Through Exemplary Leadership

Known as the major, marketing team of USHEALTH Group, USHEALTH Advisors specializes in generating viable, marketing portfolios that feature uncompromising health insurance underwritten and managed by USHEALTH Group and its affiliates. The target marker for this company is the individual American, independent worker who is self –employed, small enterprises, start-ups and employers.

A look at who USHEALTH Advisors are

USHEALTH Advisors, under the guidance of USHEALTH Group, specialises in offering its services to the diverse demands and needs of clients who need healthcare insurance. For over 35 years, the firm has internalized the value of providing a product mix that offers support to the accelerating needs of insurance consumers in the ever-fluctuating health costs.

Sales agents earn substantial bonuses

In compensating its agents, USHEALTH Advisors offers an advance package based on percentage. The package is rewarded on yearly commissions with the monthly commissions set to be earned with renewals. This strategy has often created an opportunity for growth to the insurance marketers. The agents are as well set to carry a six-figure, take-home earning.

Corporate support to clients

USHEALTH Advisors has an arm that offers corporate support. Through this segment of the firm, agents can rest assured of receiving quality support through their policy holders. As a company that values customers, USHEALTH Advisors uses its corporate support team to offer quick and accurate responses to clients. From questions regarding insurance rates to the functionality of the portal, USHEALTH Advisors is always available to offer guidance on the viable answer and way forward. Through their website, USHEALTH Advisors offers quicker and accurate responses.

Working with USHEALTH Advisors

Working with USHEALTH Advisors is probably every agent’s dream. The company has an exciting bonus structure that accommodates all agents. In addition, qualifying for these bonus packages is easy as the levels can be maintained if an individual focuses on the expected submissions of business. In communications, USHEALTH Advisors has various avenues that the sales teams utilize for garnering information on development and new ideas that can grow business.

The conclusion

Conclusively, USHEALTH Advisors is keen on marketing USHEALTH Group and its affiliates. The team recognizes leadership and its value to the organization. By appreciating leadership, proper representation is achieved. Every sales team player is trained to offer insurance professional advice to clients.

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Picking the Right Kind of Freedom Life Insurance For Your Family of Business

Life insurance is a wonderful product where for a fraction of its ultimate result it can be established for pennies on the dollar. It provides dollars for pennies at the times that money is needed the most – at the death of a provider or breadwinner.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company provides the type of planning services that are in great demand by families and businesses alike. If life insurance is planned correctly then the result will be efficiently correct for all concerned.

There are essentially two kinds of life insurance. Term life insurance is temporary coverage as it is designed to last only for a designation number of years, or term of coverage. That timeline can be 5, 10, 15, 20 or thirty years, depending upon the choice of the insured. Once the term is up, then the coverage disappears.

Permanent life insurance lasts for the lifetime of the insured individual. The actual maximum age of human beings is age 100 and if the insured lives to be that age the policy will mature, or endow, and the face amount of the policy will be paid to the owner of the policy. If a death should occur prior to that time, the face amount of the policy is paid to the named beneficiary.

Permanent life insurance has a cash value buildup inside of the policy. This is actually the reserve against the increasing mortality costs as the insured ages each year. This cash value is available for the owner of the policy to borrow while the policy is in effect. If the insured should die, then the death benefit is the net amount of the death benefit factoring in the loan amount.

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Most planning today that concerns life insurance uses both types of coverage, term and permanent. It has been found that by combining the two, a plan can be designed to meet coverage needs that are appropriately funded based on the budget of the purchase of the insurance. The Freedom Life Insurance Company concurs with this philosophy.

Freedom Life Insurance has very competent agents who are experts in designing and illustrating this type of planning service for families and business entities.

Dr. AviWeisfogel: A Dentist Committed To Treating Patients With Sleep Disorders

No dentist has had a bigger impact on the battle to improve the quality of life for people with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders than Dr. AviWeisfogel. The founder of the award winning dental practice Old Bridge Dental Care, Dr. Weisfogel has been working to devise new and better ways to use his dental training and dental technologies to help sleep patients for over 20 years. Dr. Weisfogel became aware of the possible link between dentistry effective treatments for sleep problems in the 1990s when he was a student at NYU College of Dentistry and he has been making breakthroughs in the area ever since.

Dr. AviWeisfogel was one of the first dentists to realize dental appliances can be used to treat the breathing issues that many sleep patients experience. That discovery has led him to work even harder to find other ways dentistry can be used to improve the quality of sleep patients with sleep problems get. Dr. Weisfogel has worked with dentists all over the world to encourage them to start sleep labs and expand their practices to include the treatment of people with sleep problems. His work has led to the development growing network of dentists throughout the United States that treat sleep patients using dental techniques and technologies.

To have a greater impact with his work with sleep patients, Dr. Weisfogel has founded different organizations. They are Dental Sleep Masters, Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Through them he’s been able to help dentists learn to identify, diagnose and treat patients with disturbed breathing sleep problems. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says as many as 90% of patients with sleep disorders are misdiagnosed and don’t receive proper care. They welcome the work of Dr. Weisfogel and other dentists in responding serious healthcare issue.

Dr. Weisfogel’s work has led to the development of affiliated dental practices in most of the 50 states in the U.S. working with patients with sleep disorders. That has helped to shine a light on this serious problem and bring relief to many.

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Get A Health Screening With Lifeline Screening

Getting regular health screenings is an important part of being healthy. Getting health screening can help doctors find and diagnose diseases before you start having symptoms. With that being the case, you can start treatment immediately so you can have a full and happy life.

Lifeline Screening screens for many different diseases. They do this so they can make sure you don’t have any diseases that are lying dormant. The 3 main ways that they screen for diseases are: ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardigraph. Each of these can help find certain diseases to learn more: click here.

Ultrasound Screening

This type of screening life uses a wand that emits sound waves. With this technique, doctors can see all the different structures in the body. Lifeline Screening uses this type of screening to help diagnose things such as:

• Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
• Carotid artery disease screening
• Ankle-brachial index screening (for peripheral arterial disease)
• Bone mineral density screening (for osteoporosis risk

Finger-Stick Blood Screenings

With this type of screening, the doctor or nurse will use a small needle and prick your finger pad. Next, they test your blood. In most cases, you can have results in 10 minutes. Some of the diseases this kind of health tests screens for are:

• Complete lipid panel screening
• Glucose screening
• High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) screening
• Elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) screening

Limited Electrocardiograph

With this test, they perform and EKG. The way that this differs from a health service traditional EKG is that it’s non-invasive, quick, doesn’t need preparation, and doesn’t require you to remove your clothes. This test is done to detect atrial fibrillation.

In addition to these tests, there are other diseases Lifeline Screening tests for. Some of those are:

• Vitamin D Screening
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD) Screening
• Lung Cancer Screening
• Type 2 Diabetes Screening
• High Blood Pressure
• Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Screening

If you want to get screened for any diseases you might have then Lifeline Screening is the place to go. They screen for many things and you will leave with a peace of mind.

The USHealth Group Provides Disability Insurance

When many people think about insurance, they often think about insurance such as automobile or home insurance. While insurance that covers automobile and home insurance needs is extremely important. There are other types of insurance that are important but sometimes get overlooked by many people. One of the types of insurance that gets overlooked in many cases is disability insurance. There are numerous reasons why a lot of people overlook disability insurance. A common reason is because many people do not think that they will ever have a need for disability insurance.

Many people realize that there is a chance that they might need automobile insurance, home insurance, health insurance, or life insurance. They realize that these types of insurance are important. They may or may not actually get some of these insurance types but usually they still recognize that there is a chance that something might happen where the insurance coverage will be used.

Disability insurance is an insurance type that is difficult for some people to recognize the need. However, many people find themselves in situations where they are injured and cannot work. While health insurance will help pay some of the hospital and medical bills, people sometimes lose their source of income because they cannot work. Disability insurance provides money to cover a percentage of the money lost when people are unable to work.

The USHealth Group is an insurance company that offers a variety of disability insurance coverage for people. The company has multiple options that people can choose from regarding disability insurance. Also, the disability insurance can be matched to the unique needs of individuals. The USHealth Group helps people regarding a wide range of income levels and job types concerning disability insurance. See also.

People sometimes do not think about what will happen if they get hurt and cannot work. Most insurance does not address the lost of work hours or the lost of a job resulting from injury. When working is not an option, disability insurance from the USHealth Group gives people the comfort of knowing that if something did happen where they could not work, money would still come into the household based on the disability insurance coverage that they maintain.

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