Adam Goldenberg on Being a Unicorn and JustFab’s Latest Program

Fabletics is a great brand, thanks to the leadership of TechStyle’s chief executive officer –Adam Goldenberg. In a recent interview with CNBC, the CEO discussed some changes that will happen within the company. He mentioned that JustFab’s name would change to TechStyle Fashion Group. Goldenberg affirmed re-branding would be helpful to the as it would improve the company’s operations as well as its customer service. Also, he said that data had played a significant role in JustFab’s success. It has enabled the management to make informed decisions and make the most out of market trends. JustFab has a membership subscription site that allows customers to order various fashion products at a discounted price.

Adam said that the VIP membership is a flexible program that allows members to skip a month at no extra cost. CNBC wanted to know about the benefits of the membership program. The CEO explained that the members would have an advantage over other customers because they’d be the first to know about the latest fashion trends. In addition, the company will offer the VIP members early releases of their fashion products at a better price. Goldenberg mentioned that there’s an opt-in feature for clients who want to sign up to the program at JustFab intends to continue introducing more products and services that will make their customers happy.

At one of Vator’s annual event, Adam Goldenberg talked about his business empire. He revealed that the e-commerce subscription company (JustFab) took three years to raise $84 million. During this period, it experienced a lot of improvement. The firm managed $300 million around that time. In the event JustFab was referred to as a “unicorn,” a term used to refer to businesses worth more than a billion dollars. When asked about his thought on this financial status, he asserted that the company has never considered itself a unicorn on However, this doesn’t take away the fact that JustFab is one of the fastest growing fashion enterprises. In 2011, the brand received $33 million from Matrix Partners to fund its expansion plans.

CEO Goldenberg has invested in many companies. He’s one of the founders of Fabulous Inc., now called TechStyle. Additionally, Adam Goldenberg owns Intelligent Beauty. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty established JustFab. Although this company doesn’t reveal its financial details to the public, it’s believed to be one of Adam’s most profitable businesses. When it comes to skill and talent, this businessman can do well in every aspect of business. He’s known for his expertise in product design, internet marketing, and sales.

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Eric Pulier’s Innovative Career in Tech

The hallmark of a successful entrepreneur lies in their ability to innovate and bring something new to the table. Entrepreneur work can be tough and many people end up flaming out of the process. We look to Eric Pulier, a Harvard graduate and tech juggernaut, in order to really appreciate what a successful career can look like. Eric Pulier may look like a fresh face in the industry but he is far from that. Pulier has been making the tech world work for him since the ’90s. Let’s take a look at what this tech entrepreneur has been up to over the years.


Pulier got his start in the tech world as a child. While still in middle school he was messing around and programming on computes. Keep in mind, this was the ’80s and computers weren’t as easy to access as they are today. By high school graduation Pulier was already running his own computer database company. Can you tell where his story is trending? Pulier went on to attend Harvard where he wrote for the school paper, the Harvard Crimson. Pulier graduated from school with a Bachelor of Arts and it wasn’t long before he was off to Los Angeles in order to get an edge on the competition.


Eric Pulier landed in L.A. in 1991 where he would go on to found ‘People Doing Things’ — a company that offered evolved technological ideas to the healthcare and education worlds. Pulier would springboard from this first company into his next effort: Digital Digital Evolution. From there on out the rest was basically history. Pulier has funded or founded 15 different companies in the technological field and there are more to come in his future. He’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars along the way, cementing himself as a true juggernaut in the tech world.


Perhaps Pulier’s most important work comes in the form of his philanthropy. Pulier has worked extensively to fund charities for children with chronic illness. He’s worked directly with guys like Stephen Spielberg and Norman Schwarzkopf Jr to develop Starbright World — a platform for children with chronic illnesses to connect with one another.