Recap: Tips for Going Back to School

Wengie gives viewers 50 back-to-school life hacks. Attach post-it note pads to a board for a peel-off to-do list. Leave the first page of a notebook blank so you can create a table of contents for your notes later. Take notes in blue ink because it is supposed to be easier to remember.

Color the top of your notebooks so you know which is which when looking down into your bag. Add words in white to get to your word count without adding fluff to the essay. Wengie suggests adding white dashes in between words if the essay is too long. Add a semi-colon to a sentence to fix a fragment. Organize file folders and pencils in a dish rack.

Use the speak function when your eyes get tired. Use a picture frame as a whiteboard. Use websites to teach you how to solve math equations. You can memorize the digits of Pi by remembering the syllables of “May I have a large container of coffee?”

Put tea bags in shoes to keep them from stinking up your bag. Use hand sanitizer or lime juice if you run out of deodorant. Make an emergency kit for your school bag with pads, lip balm, and more. Use deodorant to remove nail polish or to soothe bug bites. Remove Sharpie from skin with nail polish remover. Use Word Hippo to find alternate words to spice up your essay. Use “impact” to avoid getting confused by “effect” and “affect.”

Blow on your thumb to calm down before a presentation and write lines in different colors so you don’t mess up. Drive in a circle to see if someone is following you. Put a sealed envelope in the fridge to re-open it. Study out loud. Press ctrl+shift+T to open a closed tab. Ctrl+backspace to delete an entire word. Use KeepMeOut to stay off social media while studying. Rent books instead of buying them. Reduce headaches and increase concentration with mints.


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