The Magnises Gives the World a New Look

Billy McFarland, an American entrepreneur, the CEO and the founder to Magnises was born in 1991 in the New York City. Billy is one of the rare and competent tech entrepreneurs in the world today. Billy came up with the idea upon spotting an entrepreneurship opportunity in the millennials desires and lifestyles. Billy saw a very distinct end in the credit market and saw the necessity to create a platform for people to earn points on their daily spends after which they can redeem for other opportunities, services, and products hence the founding of Magnises.

Billy McFarland made a black metallic card that links data from the various financial cards like comprising of the debit and credit cards. The Magnises card was officially launched in 2014 after its founding in 2013. Magnises keeps you at the highest levels of unlocking the city. The exclusively made black card has its bases on the technology. The card helps to receive guidance, and perks that improve the member’s daily life and it’s more attractive to the millennial generation. Previously the card was subscribed at 250 dollars fee which was later changed to 25 dollars monthly fee.

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Magnises is potential to lead businesses globally with its smart management and the growing number of professional millennials. According to the Magnises founder Billy McFarland, the Magnises is coming up with a platform to link the Millennials to new businesses both online and offline. Magnises has recently extended its services from New York and Washington D.C to several other places. Their headquarters previously located in the West Village has been relocated to Penthouse.

There are several benefits and valuables involved with the Magnises membership. In the nightlife, the company facilitates hassle free members night. In Culture, Magnises brings you to a platform where you can access and enjoy all the best fashions, secret pop-ups and several other goods that invigorate you. Through the Magnises membership reports, you say goodbye to all health complications as the club engages you in countless keeps you in action to keep your body fit. Magnises gets you to the right places in town in a very easy way. With your Magnises card, you are guaranteed to private dining ad club takeovers at best clubs in the New York City.

Billy has also founded other companies like the Spring where he is the CEO up-to-date and another online content sharing company he founded as early as at the age of 13 years.

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