Lime Crime Overcomes Obstacles To Launch In China

The cosmetics company Lime Crime responded to the unique dynamic the brand faced in China by taking a unique, distinct approach to the launch there. The topic was discussed at the Conference for National Retail Federation (NRF) by Lime Crime’s Global General Manager Kim Walls. She said that she knew from past experience the company could not sell in ways they had sold in the past. The only way for vegan brand Lime Crime to get around the mandatory animal testing of cosmetics sold wholesale would be to ship the items from the United States directly to China.

This method of shipping would involve the managing of taxes and duties, figuring out the logistics of transportation and using a foreign language to hand international inquiries from customers and returns. The fact that there were over a million units of the Lime Crime lip topper counterfeited and sold in China’s marketplaces last year created another obstacle. The solution was to form a partnership with Los Angeles based Revolve which is expanding into beauty from the e-commerce fashion platform.

This was to ensure that everyone know that the only source for legitimate products in China was through Revolve. The ability of existing fans of the products to access the sales site two hours prior to the company’s official launch increased the word of mouth about the venture. Lime Crime decided to go with not so well known individuals to promote the products, careful to choose those who are passionate about it. The goal is to have someone that is passionate about the brand and fits it. That is not always the most well known person.