Roles of Roberto Santiago as a Businessperson and Politician in the Society

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian citizen who has put much of his efforts in transforming the society. He has recorded several incidents which are placing the nation in a better position. Roberto Santiago is known to be an all rounded person who is playing the various role in the community. He operates as a businessperson, politician, and sportsperson. There primary are that he has put much attention is the area of politics. The reason behind his decision is to assist the less fortunate people and give them a chance to be heard in the society. Roberto Santiago was born in one of the Brazilian cities and spent most of his childhood life was in the urban. Roberto borrowed the skills of spotting the business opportunity and transforming it to make concrete from the point. The ideas that he has helped him managed most of his businesses. He his gifted in drafting the goals and putting up the right measures make them achievable at the right time. The defining factor that has helped him in the niche of business is his excellent timing.

Roberto Has invested in various region of Brazil. One of the known company that he owns in one of the Brazil cities is Manaira Shopping. It is based in a place called Paraiba. The site has stood out to be the luxurious area with its serene environment. In the world of politics, he owns a membership card of the Social Democratic Party. The dedication that he has demonstrated in the party made him appeared twice in the post of the federal deputy’s. At the position, he has ventured into various development projects that propelled the community in the right direction. He was part of the team that was behind the idea of the employees’ regulation in the entire nation of Brazil. He erected many organization and the unions to make the process succeed. The move then put him as the vice president of the party of the General Unions of the Workers that advocates for the right of workers in their workplaces. The reason behind the formation of the organization was to put off all the matters related to the workers’ discrimination experience in various parts of Brazil. He has been in the forefront in fighting for the justice of the workers.

The concept of the Manaira Shopping mall by Roberto Santiago came into existence in the year 1989. It has made at the peak among the classiest places fit for tourism in Brazil. The features that define the rooms of the mall are the 3D and the PlayStation. On the other side, there is a concert hall annexed to the top of the mall. The chamber can hold 14thousand people at once.

Roberto Santiago has dedicated much of his time to business and transformation of the community through various projects.

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EOS Crystal Clear Lip Balm Goes Vegan

EOS, Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm is know for shaking up the lip balm industry. From the untraditional shape of their brightly colored containers to the fun, fresh and inventive flavors. This company has shown that lip balm can be any but traditional and boring.

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Fans of ESO know their products deliver. Quality organic ingredients that give refreshing moisture for dry lips. Refreshing and uplifting scents provide a pick me up even on your down days! Now they deliver for those who have wished they could participate in the ESO lip balm craze.

Introducing EOS Crystal Clear Vegan Lip Balm. Now even the most sensitive of lips can partake of ESO’s moisturizing lip balms. Say goodbye to boring lip balms, if you have allergies. ESO Crystal Clear Vegan Lip Balm, was created with sensitive customers in mind. They in return have shown their appreciation by wiping the shelves clean. This HOT product is disappearing as fast as they can restock the shelves.

The see through, crystal clear lip balm is new for long time ESO users and new customers alike. They accomplish this see through quality by removing the beeswax from the lip balm. In fact this is the only ingredient that has been holding Evolution of Smooth from being classified as a vegan product. The company as a whole is hoping this opens the door for many more customers to enjoy the product they are so passionate about sharing. Head over here and see more.

Selling quality products at affordable prices is something ESO is known for doing. Each inventive flavor is marketed at an affordable price. This keeps clients coming back for more. So when they launched the new Crystal Clear Lip Balm at the same affordable prices, their website sold out on the very same day! Hurry buy here at! Even thought there are only 2 vegan flavors to choose from, customers keep coming back. We can’t wait to see what other flavors ESO will deliver in the future.

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Lime Crime Overcomes Obstacles To Launch In China

The cosmetics company Lime Crime responded to the unique dynamic the brand faced in China by taking a unique, distinct approach to the launch there. The topic was discussed at the Conference for National Retail Federation (NRF) by Lime Crime’s Global General Manager Kim Walls. She said that she knew from past experience the company could not sell in ways they had sold in the past. The only way for vegan brand Lime Crime to get around the mandatory animal testing of cosmetics sold wholesale would be to ship the items from the United States directly to China.

This method of shipping would involve the managing of taxes and duties, figuring out the logistics of transportation and using a foreign language to hand international inquiries from customers and returns. The fact that there were over a million units of the Lime Crime lip topper counterfeited and sold in China’s marketplaces last year created another obstacle. The solution was to form a partnership with Los Angeles based Revolve which is expanding into beauty from the e-commerce fashion platform.

This was to ensure that everyone know that the only source for legitimate products in China was through Revolve. The ability of existing fans of the products to access the sales site two hours prior to the company’s official launch increased the word of mouth about the venture. Lime Crime decided to go with not so well known individuals to promote the products, careful to choose those who are passionate about it. The goal is to have someone that is passionate about the brand and fits it. That is not always the most well known person.

Filipe Montoro Jens on Education Development Using PPPs

Mayor Marcelo Crivella has big plans for the city of Rio de Janeiro as he sets to create 20,000 new spots in day care centers and 40,000 new spots in pre-schools before 2020. In order for this to happen, the mayor has put into place the use of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to aid in achieving the goals set. The PPPs will be in charge of constructing maintaining the facilities, teaching services and provision of educational tools. The PPPs are however being assessed for their practicality in aiding in improving infrastructure in the city. Infrastructure project expert Filipe Montoro Jens also plays a part in the assessment of PPPs.

The first Public-private partnership in Brazil was implemented to build schools and was highly appreciated by the people of Belo Horizonte in July 2012. According to the Belo Horizonte model, the PPPs were responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Infant Education Units, while City Hall provides lunch and teaching services for the schools. Felipe Montoro Jens reports that the implementation of such PPPs by mayor Crivella is not new. During his candidacy, the mayor had mentioned of dedicating his efforts to bettering the education sector.

Filipe Montoro Jens stated that The International Finance Corporation would provide consultation services for the project modelling. He added that IFC, a member of World Bank Group, is a large private development institution that mostly operates in the developing world. The corporation is being hired for about R$ 2 million to make use of the available resources, forward thinking and qualified personnel to help Rio de Janeiro achieve its goals.

As stated by Filipe Montoro Jens, the International Finance Corporation is also expected to provide consultation to assess the feasibility study of the Public Lighting PPP in Rio de Janeiro. The IFC’s consultation fee is set to be R$ 2.1 million.