Statistics About Jeunesse Global That You Should Know About

There are some facts about Jeunesse Global that you should know about that will likely impress you and convert you into a customer. The first being that the company is not some big conglomerate only out to make a buck. Rather, they are a family-owned business that was founded just back in 2009.

Despite the relatively young age of the company, the amount of revenue that it has generated is truly astounding. The fact is, the company already creates more than $1 billion in annual sales. They crossed that number in 2015, but that was just the start for them.

Triple-digit growth in 2016 was the target for the company, and it is looking very likely that this goal will be achieved. In addition to that, the company has received a top 10 ranking for direct sales in North America. They are a top 20 company in the world in this category. They are also hiring people like crazy right now with year-over-year hiring growth rates at about 95%.

All of these stunning growth figures are a result of the incredible products that Jeunesse Global puts out on the market. They do not hold back when it comes to producing the best of the best. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Think of products like “Reserve” and “Nevo”. These are two things that exist in a different way from other companies. However, what Jeunesse Global has done is create their own unique version and spin on these products to make them even more appealing to a larger segment of the population.

Reserve is the nutritional supplement made by Jeunesse Global that is supposed to be used as a diet aid of sorts. The purpose of this being that the person who takes this diet aid is able to resist their hunger urges a little better. If it works as described, then that person may have better luck losing weight.


Nevo is the energy drink that Jeunesse Global created. It has just fifty calories per can, and has real fruit juices in every serving. Also, there are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. These are just the types of things that Jeunesse Global does a little different for the benefit of their customers. Download the app at Google Play Store.

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