The Steps Drew Madden Is Marking In The Healthcare Industry

Amazon has acquired relevant statutory accreditation to sell pharmaceuticals in multiple states across the US. This news has sent most players in the healthcare sector into a frenzy. The licenses cover distribution of healthcare machines. In the coming days, the e-commerce giant is likely to obtain more certificates for delivery of prescription therapies.

This move by Amazon comes at a time when CVS announced its acquisition of Aetna. Aetna is a company that focuses on financial protection services. CVS is keen on expanding its product offering to include insurance services.

Both Amazon and CVS have exhibited their determination to dominate the healthcare consumer market. Amazon provides a wide range of consumer products on its e-commerce platform. The company is renowned as the store for everything. The entry of Amazon into a market that is dominated by companies such as CVS is set to trigger survival strategies by the legacy players.

By acquiring Aetna, CVS on its part is trying to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. These developments have the potential of changing the healthcare sector. By bringing several elements of the industry under one roof, Amazon and CVS will facilitate the consumerization of the market.

The industry of healthcare is seething with investors and technology firms that are trying to make affordable to the consumer. Tech companies can reach a broader clientele potentially increasing the number of people who can access quality healthcare.

Other innovators in the global healthcare sector include Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Five managing partners lead the firm. One of the partners is seasoned entrepreneur Drew Madden.

Drew Madden is a technology enthusiast with a professional background in Engineering. Drew is vastly experienced in building organizations with competent teams. At Evergreen, he has succeeded in creating an enterprise culture that is modern and unique.

Before joining Evergreen, Madden’s most recent experience in the corporate world was at Nordic Consulting Partners. He served the organization for half a decade from 2011-2016. Madden achieved several feats while working with Nordic. The company grew significantly during his term as the president. He managed to increase the staff count from 10 to 725 employees. Madden also expanded the number of customers from 3 to 150.

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