EOS Makes Lip Balms Available In Many Styles

Standing in the checkout line and you spot something on the shelf. You see a round sphere and pick it up. Not knowing what it was, you look it. You see that it is something different then what you are used to seeing. You normally purchase the regular lip balm and did not know that lip balm came in different flavors.

Evolution of Smooth, EOS has changed the world when it comes to lip balm. The lip balm manufacturer has changed how lip balm is sold. Instead of a traditional tube of lip balm, EOS is instead sold in a sphere, available here. The sphere is available in a variety of flavors and a number of recipes. There are recipes which contain bees wax and then there are recipes that are vegan free.

For consumers, finding a new product to use is not something to take lightly. For many shoppers, they stick to what they know and in many cases, the shoppers resort to the same items that they have been using, refer to fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de. This makes it difficult for consumers to change their routine. EOS lip balm knew that when they decided to make something different.

EOS has become the second biggest manufacturer and seller of lip balm. This is not something that they did overnight but rather over the course of creating new scents, flavors and recipes. They wanted to create something that would stand out against other lip balm manufacturers and that is where the shape came from. They knew that before that time, all lip balms were sold in the same shape and in a very limited number of flavors. Before EOS, most of the time you were stuck with a plain lip balm, cherry or vanilla. Now the flavors incorporate a variety of those same flavors into something else. You retain the moisture that you need from lip balms without sacrificing the taste and quality.

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