Securus Technologies Helping Catch Dangerous Fugitives

When me and the rest of my team on the fugitive task force get the call a dangerous suspect is on the loose, we drop everything to make sure our community is safe. This month we were told that a person of interest was in the area, breaking into homes and using excessive violence in order to get the things he needed. My superiors warned my team that this suspect needed to be taken off the streets today in order to eliminate the threat of violence towards residents.


This was one of those situations where we had no informants or family members that were coming forward, so we really needed to make some headway fast. We raced to the local prison in the hopes of getting inmates to come forward, and were handed a new resource we had not used this year. Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in the jail that gave the guards the ability to pay close attention to what the inmates were saying on the phones. Having already gotten them excited by our presence, we knew they would be talking soon.


Securus Technologies is in 2,600 jails throughout the country, and the CEO of the company says his 1,000 employees are dedicated to making our world safer. Once I understood how the LBS software worked, we got to work seeing if the inmates had any information that could help us in our pursuit of the suspect. Just when we thought it may not pan out, we heard one inmate mention our suspect and how he wanted to get a message out that the suspect should leave his cousins because the heat was getting closer.


Needless to say, we left the prison and surrounded the location that afternoon until we were able to safely take the suspect in without any incident.


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