Looking into the Academic Benefits of ClassDojo


The name ClassDojo is coming up more and more often when people discuss modern educational standards. This has led many teachers, students and parents to wonder just what ClassDojo is and what it can do for them. The discussion itself points to one of the most important aspects of ClassDojo. It’s a program which connects every single one of those parties together in a mutually beneficial discussion with each other.

The traditional classroom has some fairly obvious problems for anyone who’s been a part of them. Parents are often frustrated by how separated they feel from the experience. It can feel like school is sealed setting which takes their kids away from them for a big chunk of the day. Meanwhile, teachers themselves are usually frustrated by this separation as well. Even a small conversation with parents can be vital in shaping a child’s perception of his or her lessons. However, those conversations tend to only occur during the handful of parent teacher conferences held during the school year. Additionally, those meetings are often rushed and dominated by a few people.

ClassDojo is a new way of taking that problem and creating a solution which helps everyone. It’s an easy to use program that’s intuitive for both adults and children. But more than that, it’s something that just feels right when people begin to see just what the program can offer. Parents are naturally inclined to be a part of their child’s life. Teachers are naturally inclined to want parents involved as well. And children love to show off when they’re doing well and look for assurance when they need help. ClassDojo is able to accomplish all of this and more.

What the program comes down to is community. Standardization has a place in both the world and the classroom. But the basic structure of any class needs to form around the needs of the people who’ve invested themselves in it. Everyone wants that to happen, but until recently it hasn’t really been a viable proposition. The communication needed to help everyone shape the learning experience just wasn’t there. But ClassDojo is the mechanism by which this can finally be accomplished.


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