Adam Milstein’s Roles In Real Estate And Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a very successful businessman who lives in Encino, California. He is an entrepreneur who founded his own real estate firm, Hagar Pacific Properties. His company owns hundreds of properties across the United States that they rehabilitate and then manage. It is estimated that his company, for which he is the Managing Partner, has more than $2 billion invested in real estate.

Another thing that Adam Milstein is broadly known for is his philanthropy and dedication to issues surrounding the state of Israel and Jewish-American people. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation along with his wife. This organization supports Jewish students who want to discover their roots and identity as Jewish-Americans. Additionally, they mentor these students with learning opportunities and educational materials. Adam Milstein’s dedication to this cause led to him being named one of the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 recently.

Among the other ways that Adam Milstein has given back to the community is through founding the Israeli-American Council which advocates for closer ties between the United States and Israel. Milstein and his team at this national advocacy group seek to influence American foreign policy to support Israel and its right to exist. They also advocate for Israeli-Americans and the causes that matter to them. Adam and his wife Gila are both effective at this especially as immigrants with Adam from Israel and Gila from Morocco.

Adam grew up in Israel and fought in the Yom Kippur War. After graduating from the Technion, with degrees in business and economics, he emigrated to the U.S. along with his wife and children. Once in California he enrolled at the University of Southern California and earned an MBA in Business Administration. After graduating he worked as a real estate broker for a few years before founding Hagar Pacific Properties.

The types of properties that Adam Milstein runs the gamut from industrial properties, office space, retail, and multi-family residences. His role at the company involves him handling the company’s financing and accounting as well as having a hand in which properties they buy.



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