Dr. Chris Villanueva Understands Both Sides Of The Dental Business

Dr. Chris Villanueva has worked for many years as a dentist, mentor and as an advocate for the business model that is doctor-focused. Currently, he is the CEO of MB2 Dental. This is one of the few Dental Support Organizations of the country.


He has a unique understanding of both the sides of this business. This means the provider as well as the business side. This is why his business ensures that doctor clinical autonomy is maintained at all levels. Dr. Chris Villanueva is passionate about his profession. Thus he ensures that he is able to maintain the integrity of this dental profession. He is still a dental practitioner. Besides, he likes to educate and mentor new dentists about the options that they have after dental school.


Dr. Chris Villanueva was born in Ohio. He is married to Carol who is a physician herself.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. His vision is to promote the best from the side of the sole-practitioner as well as corporate dentistry. He has spent time on both these sides of the equation. This is why he was the perfect person to start this company. He has direct knowledge of how to furnish vital support to the profession without compromising its integrity.


He is well aware that dental practitioners require specialized assistance. Hence Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 Dental. Today this firm supports practitioners at 70 affiliated locations that are spread across six states. This firm has 533 employees. Its leadership is keen to continue this trend of excellence.


MB2 Dental brings something that is completely new to this field. They are not focused on profit margins alone. It is a dentist-owned firm. The focus here is on autonomy, support, as well as personal growth. Basically, it is all about having a lot of fun together. The firm helps practices to make improvements as they would actually benefit all those patients who tend to patronize them. Such kind of innovations helps to improve operating standards leading to happy practitioners. This helps to facilitate organic business growth in a healthy way.


His idea for MB2 Dental came from putting the doctors and hence the patients first. He knew that after graduating from dental school, dentists would either join some group practice or have their own private practice. He wanted to create a business model that had the best of both worlds.

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