Creativity And Execution Brought About By Don Ressler

When people think about Fabletics, they think about stylish athletic clothing. They also think about Kate Hudson, the actor and stylish woman who has brought a lot of her influence to the brand. She has been featured in a lot of the marketing campaigns on that have brought a lot of attention to the brand. A lot of women have looked up to Kate Hudson when they have realized that they don’t have to follow trends in order to be stylish. As a matter of fact, a large part of being stylish is being unique. People that follow trends tend to go with the herd.

While Kate Hudson is the one person that is given a lot of credit for Fabletics, there are other people that were involved that have made this happen. Don Ressler is one of those people that have made Fabletics a reality. He is a very creative individual, and his creativity shows when it comes to fashion, especially for women. He sees that women’s fashion has a special artistic quality to it that is very enjoyable and inspiring. However, this was lost when he has checked out the athletic area of the stores. One thing that helped with his inspiration was his wide, Ginger.

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Don Ressler, being an athlete has seen that there is a need for a change in the fashion industry when it comes to athletic clothes. Given that he has a passion towards the fashion industry, he understands the effects that clothes could have on an individual. Therefore, Don Ressler has expanded the athletic fashion world and given more options to women so that they can wear the clothes that they want and enjoy their unique sense of style in all aspects of their lives. Women do not have to be limited to the bland and the uninspired for workout clothes.

Don Ressler has also wanted to include men in his service. After all, men can be fashionable as well. Therefore, he has put together FL 2 with the intention of bringing forth greater durability. At the same time, the clothes that are designed offer comfort and style to the mix.

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