Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Unique Business Success

The fashion industry may seem competitive or even overcrowded. In fact, most people fear investing in it. However, there is space for the strong minded and creative brands like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The active wear, fitness and accessories business has grown to a tune of $250 million in just three years. It is thus right to say, Fabletics is taking on Amazon. The company has been able to grow in leaps and bounds due to the unique business model. It is composed of customers selecting their preferred brands, they then enjoy convenience and friendly membership. In the process, the magic mix has helped the company to register members who account for the 30-50% of the people who get into their shops to buy.



Over the years, the question on what is a high value quality has changed. Previously, people argued that high value brands were expensive and of good quality. However, this is not true. This is because today, people consider a number of factors like exclusive design. They also consider customer experience, brand recognition and last-mile service to determine a high-value product. Fabletics it has thus embraced a membership model to enhance customer experience. The members are recognized and offered personalized services while getting different products at half the price.



According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics, it is easy to make customers happy when you know whom they are and exactly what they want. It is wise because the company is able to exactly know what people want to buy and delivery it. The argument has enabled the business to soar within three years, and still the future is bright. The business strategy has been hailed because customers can create relationships with the company.



Unique Fabletics Business



The focus of Fabletics is to inspire people to stay healthy and active by offering clothing that inspire them when they are working out. The designs are of high quality and they just make clients look good and feel good. It is also a business, which encourage the clients to their membership community. It has a mission, which encourages people to live out their passion every day. Clients have labeled their quality and one-of-a-kind clothe line as one that caters for different people. Members are also given a chance to access high end activewear at an affordable cost. This includes getting free points, which can be redeemed.



When customers are shopping, Fabletics gives them a chance to choose the best way they can stay active. This is by giving out options to help shop for the right clothes easily. It is possible to get attire for running, doing yoga, going to the gym or cycling. It also depends on if a person will do the activities indoors and outdoors. The attires are in different types, sizes and colors. More so, they are categorized in terms of the time of the day it will be fit for you to work out. Flabletics takes care of those who are curvy, lean and plumb. The different options combined with excellent customer service makes it worth.

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