Markus Rothkranz: The Power Of Raw Veganism

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Markus Rothkranz is a maestro of health and fitness. He is a leading role model for people who want to be at the peak of their health even in their late 50s. The enigmatic personality of Markus defies his real age of 40 whereby he looks like a 20 years old youth. However, anyone wouldn’t believe that this dashing healthy man who is an epitome of Immaculate health was feeble as a child. He was born with a very frail body and weak immune system. He almost lost his life four times owing to his overall poor health status. During his youth, he struggled to maintain a healthy physique by restraining from having any sick things like alcohol, drugs. Still, he was far from achieving a healthy body that he wished.

Apart from the weak immune system, Markus was also very allergic to animals and dairy products. At one point in time, he turned vegetarian and then vegan. At the age of 27, he was at his wit’s end and gave up every material thing of his life to take refuge. He went to the desert and let go if everything in the garb of nature. Here, he realized that the ultimate solution to all his problems lies in nature. From that day only, he stopped eating processed foods like cereal, bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, etc., and focused on only raw vegetables and fruits.

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From that day onward, his life witnessed dramatic changes. Markus is a great advocate of raw vegetables and fruits. He has coined a new term called raw veganism for his food habits. He especially is a great fan of wild plants and vegetables. He believes that wild plants are the ultimate survivors and are best for maintaining optimal health. When you incorporate wild plants in your diet, you start feeling like a survivor yourself.

Another massive diet change that he brought in his life was concentrating more on liquid food than solid food. He says that solid food has the lowest vibration while the liquid food has a higher vibration. When you eat solid food, then most of the energy of the body is used in digesting the food making you less energetic throughout the day.

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Markus had a long, bright career in the field of entertainment and television before he completely changed his entire lifestyle. Now, he is using media in bringing awareness among the people about eating raw foods.

He is the propounder of the World Health Project which is a massive program to motivate people to change their eating habit and transforming their health. He wants to boost the self-confidence of individuals by making them more healthy and youthful. He intends to achieve this goal by bringing about radical changes in the people’s lifestyle and diet.

In addition to the food, Markus believes that maintaining the body, mind and soul is also important. He wants people to be more healthy after following raw veganism. After that, he believes that people can concentrate more on caring about people and the environment.

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