What Upcoming Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Entrepreneurship From Don Ressler

With more than a decade running successful businesses, Don Ressler is a reflection of dedication and intelligence when it comes to business and entrepreneurship on Forbes. He has invested a lot into nurturing and developing startups that have grown into stable and successful businesses. He started his journey in entrepreneurship when he launched FitnessHeaven.com, a company that taught him the art of making decisions.

He ran FitnessHeaven.com for a few years then sold it to Intermix Media. His idea while selling the business was to raise capital for a bigger venture that would elevate him to attain the status he yearned for as an entrepreneur. It is during this period that he invited Adam Goldenberg, the COO of Intermix.

The two had similar ideas and their hunger for achieving success was similar. Ressler and Goldenberg started with Alena Media as their first company and within just two years, the company was already making profits. From the marketing section of Alena, they earned millions in revenue and the motivation to move further ahead pushed them to sell the company in 2005 to News Corp.

The establishment of Intelligent Beauty
This transaction at http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000543492 brought in additional capital that was now sufficient to launch a big company that was capable of growing to attain global reach. Therefore, Adam and Ressler went into a brainstorming session, which led to the establishment of Intelligent Beauty, a company that would specialize in beauty products and tips.

Intelligent Beauty has since its launch in 2008 grown and the company now owns two product lines, SENSA, which offers weight-loss products and DERMSTORE, which is reserved for skincare and other beauty products. The company has been performing remarkably well and the two lines have remained stable for the years it has been operational.

To spread their presence in online investments, Adam and Ressler decided to try subscription retail for beauty products. This led them to launch JustFab, which stocks beauty and fashion products and members are served through a subscription system. The number of members on the platform has grown to over 10 million and the management is looking forward to achieving greater growth.

To finance the expansion of the company, the management team led by Don Ressler received $33 million from Matrix ventures. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also organized a second round of funding that raised $76 from several companies, and the main motive of raising this money was to penetrate into other markets like Canada and the United Kingdom.

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