New Makeup Line From Lime Crime


Those who love cosmetics have a new line of items to pick from. Company officials at the online mega retailer Lime Crime have released an entirely new line of products for their fans to try. The new products offer a brand new look as consumers head into fall. Tapping into popular demand for their other products, this new line builds on several previous releases, allowing consumers to decide for themselves if the look they see here will fit into their own personal sense of style. Each item at Lime Crime is carefully tested and market approved before being released to the general public, allowing consumers to find the right kind of makeup for their own needs.


Superfoil Eye Shadow That Work

Superfoils are a brand of eye shadow carried by the company and found nowhere else. These innovative and entirely revolutionary water-activated eye shadows have been designed around the concept that wet/dry liquid foil eyeshadow can really add a sense of punch and drama to any look a woman chooses to wear. Officials at the company were not surprised to find that the looks instantly became a huge hit with customers around the world.


Metallic Velvetines


Another product that has also been released this fall are the company’s metallic velvetines. These new shades help build on the company’s much admired and extremely popular long-wearing, cosmetics that are also transfer-proof. The Velvetines formula is one that those at Lime Crime really works for their customer’s needs. Hence, officials at the company are also not surprised that the new shades have also been hugely popular. Metallics look to be one of the trends that is sure to be embraced by consumers in search of a new look to meet the new season. The fall neutrals line is based on the idea of helping consumers find a palette of shades that works well with any sort of wardrobe they have in mind including dresses and pants. Each shade can also help bring a touch of color such as rose gold and golden mauve that is just right for any planned fall outing. See some of the cool colors for yourself on Facebook, as well as other great sources.

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