How Slyce Visual Search is Helpful For Retail


Traditionally, people have had to shop for an item by browsing the stores. While that is fun in and of itself, there are frustrations that could come with this. For one thing, people are unlikely to find anything they are looking for if they don’t know where to look. Another issue is that retailers often miss out on a sale because they not only do not find the product they are looking for, but they also don’t know of any similar looking products. Fortunately, there is an invention that has been designed to provide a solution to this issue. This invention is visual search.

One example of visual search technology is Slyce- Slyce is very easy to use and is well integrated across all types of devices that are connected online. All one has to do is scan the item that they see from anywhere and the app will show information about the item and help direct the user to where the item is sold. It will also show the user similar items so that they could find something that they may like better. Slyce is a great way to bring forth more sales for the retail industry.

Slyce is one of those inventions that will help people find satisfaction. For one thing, it can be frustrating for a customer to see something that intrigues them and then not know where they can find the product. The best bet for the person is to eventually forget about the items. However, that is not always a possibility. Fortunately, with visual search, the person will have a better chance at locating the item.

Among the different types of items that visual search is good for include fashion, furniture, and electronic devices. Any user of this type of technology will learn all they need to know about a product which includes the original price, the status of development, and anything else they need to know. Often times, people will come across a product that they like only to find out that it has been discontinued. Visual search can definitely help them find even discontinued items.

Status Labs Lands on Inc. Magazine’s 500 List

Status Labs is one of those companies that always seems to be on the receiving end of good news. The recent revenue reports on the company’s 2015 earnings absolutely were good news. The fact that company Co-Founder and President Darius Fisher recently received a very prestigious industry award is another positive acknowledgement. And now there is the recent feather in the company’s hat. Inc. has named Status Labs as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies. Inc. is a prestigious print and online magazine that covers entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes and stripes.

Status Labs is ranked #339 on the list. Company growth and revenue figures factored into the ranking. From 2012 to 2015, the company grew and incredible 1,099%. Through offering new digital services and expanding its market presence, Status Labs was able to reach such stunning figures. 1,500+ clients have signed on with the firm to have their reputations repaired among other marketing and promotional tasks.

Darius Fisher does deserve a lot of credit for the company’s achievements. Fisher has engaged in a number of creative public relations strategies.

Fisher’s background as a copywriter and a political consultant helped set the stage for his segue into digital marketing and public relations. He also deserved credit for the many wise employee/human resources policies he instituted. In doing so, Status Labs has been able to retain many talented workers.

Look for the company to continue on the path towards exceptional success. After all, the company and its personnel has done exceptional things.

Fabletics Is The Best Activewear Store Online

For some people, finding activewear may be a lot of trouble and too difficult a task for them to take on. It might be that the person has a hard time finding activewear that fits or activewear that’s low in price. Anyone who just doesn’t want to shop around for activewear is encouraged to try out Fabletics because they have all kinds of activewear all on one website. The activewear sold by Fabletics is of great quality and is very fashionable as well.

There are now two ways to shop at, which is shopping on the website or in one of their seven stores. Both the website and the stores have the capability of signing a person up for membership, which means that the membership can also be used in both places as well. Those that use their membership online to make a purchase will have their purchases shipped directly to their home. Anyone who makes a purchase in the store using their membership will be able to take the purchases with them when they leave the store.

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The only difference between shopping in a Fabletics store and online is the ability to try on the clothing right away, which is not something that can be done online on Instagram. Although many who order their clothing online know their clothing size, those that don’t feel confident enough to buy online may want to visit a Fabletics store in order to try on the clothing they want to purchase.

Even if a person chooses to go into a Fabletics store to make a purchase, they’ll still be able to buy great clothing that changes from time to time but at least once a month. One of the most popular clothing that Fabletics offers to their members is yoga pants, which can be worn with just about anything. Even those that are currently active still like to wear activewear like yoga pants, so Fabletics is just the place to purchase it. Even men who are looking for activewear for their daily activities can find it at Fabletics, and those that choose to become members only have to pay $49.95 fee each month.

Avi Weisfogel is a modern renaissance man

Avi Weisfogel is a brilliant dentist. He was always interested in helping people throughout the world, and today he is happy to see patients on a regular basis. He has amazing bedside manner, and every patient leaves with an amazing impression of the man. While Avi loves working in dentistry, he also has several other interests.

Avi Weisfogel loves giving back to people throughout the world. He has been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity to become successful. He is amazingly grateful for the opportunities he has received, and he loves giving back. Avi participates in many different charitable endeavors, but Operation Smile is his favorite charity. Operation Smile was founded in the eighties, and the charity had one major mission. The group helps children around the world recover from their cleft palate. Avi has donated to Operation Smile multiple times, and he also campaigns for the organization to receive funding.

Avi loves investing in up and coming businesses. He never goes long without considering a new business opportunity. He noticed that many of his patients were struggling with their sleep, so he helped develop Dental Sleep Matters. This program reaches out to physicians, dentists, and patients to ensure that everyone knows that they should care about their sleep cycle.

Music has always played a huge role in Avi’s life. He has always been an extremely talented musician, and recently he decided to pursue a rap career. Avi has acquired several amazing beats and has started rapping over them. He loves rapping and he regularly posts his new music to his SoundCloud. He has a great fanbase, and he plans on starting to perform at shows around the world. He knows he has a bright musical future ahead of him.

Avi Weisfogel is a modern renaissance man. He started his career as a brilliant dentist, but he has branched out into many different fields. He still loves caring for patients, but he also cares deeply about his music and video career.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Politics Should Never Be Left To Politicians Alone

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a business man and an agriculturalist. He is the former president of FEDECAMARAS and is the current deputy of the Guarico State National Assembly. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the one that offers the quality of two successive experiences for the service of the public from two different angles that are less the same complimentary. He ca best be described as the entrepreneur-politician.

Like the many sectors of the government and the public, the agricultural sector is in a precarious situation. The country stopped producing more than 500 thousand tons of rice. It as also stopped producing more than 300 tonnes or corn. This has led the country to a condemnation of a dangerous type pf supply as well as spare parts. The little the country achieves cannot sustain them.

The National Assembly has tried to understand the current prevailing situation in agriculture. But it can all boil down the unsuccessful management. A closed government and door have always pointed its flaws as well as weaknesses, but it has continued to turn a deaf ear to the claims. It keeps urging that the matter does not depend on them alone but in the real sense, the issue starts with them. The coalition government has shown the corruption of the highest level n the country. The country has also not survived the stealing of the public funds as well as embezzlement.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Ph.D. holder in economics from the University of Columbia. His record in the profession has led him to acquire many positions, especially in central bank as well as being part of making decisions for public and private sector advisory positions. He became a professor in the UCM University and lectured in advanced economic courses in the university. Manuel also became an economic advisory to various private and public institutions in the bank of Espana, the European Commission as well as the World Bank and IMF.

Recap: Tips for Going Back to School

Wengie gives viewers 50 back-to-school life hacks. Attach post-it note pads to a board for a peel-off to-do list. Leave the first page of a notebook blank so you can create a table of contents for your notes later. Take notes in blue ink because it is supposed to be easier to remember.

Color the top of your notebooks so you know which is which when looking down into your bag. Add words in white to get to your word count without adding fluff to the essay. Wengie suggests adding white dashes in between words if the essay is too long. Add a semi-colon to a sentence to fix a fragment. Organize file folders and pencils in a dish rack.

Use the speak function when your eyes get tired. Use a picture frame as a whiteboard. Use websites to teach you how to solve math equations. You can memorize the digits of Pi by remembering the syllables of “May I have a large container of coffee?”

Put tea bags in shoes to keep them from stinking up your bag. Use hand sanitizer or lime juice if you run out of deodorant. Make an emergency kit for your school bag with pads, lip balm, and more. Use deodorant to remove nail polish or to soothe bug bites. Remove Sharpie from skin with nail polish remover. Use Word Hippo to find alternate words to spice up your essay. Use “impact” to avoid getting confused by “effect” and “affect.”

Blow on your thumb to calm down before a presentation and write lines in different colors so you don’t mess up. Drive in a circle to see if someone is following you. Put a sealed envelope in the fridge to re-open it. Study out loud. Press ctrl+shift+T to open a closed tab. Ctrl+backspace to delete an entire word. Use KeepMeOut to stay off social media while studying. Rent books instead of buying them. Reduce headaches and increase concentration with mints.


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Stephen Murray: A Real People Person

When it comes to being the president of a company, like Stephen Murray was with Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, you have to know how to read people, have your pulse on how they are feeling, and go the extra mile to let them know they mean something to you.

They aren’t just there to fill a spot on your roster or to be just another employee. They are special and you have to make them feel special. You have to get to know them on a first-name basis and go out of your way to make them feel at ease, comfortable, and like they could talk to you about anything. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

A lot of bosses talk about having an open-door policy, but very bosses actually follow through with that. Most of the time, it is just company speak and something they say to look good and feel good about themselves.

They don’t really mean it. Once you get to know them, you get to see their true colors and oftentimes, they aren’t pretty. I’m not trying to paint a bleak or depressing picture.

I’m just trying to say how it is out there in the world with other presidents of companies. It is why so many people are unhappy at their jobs and feel like they are not getting the most out of their job.

However, someone like Stephen Murray knew how to find that delicate balance. He knew the balance of working hard, being committed and getting the most out of each and every employee. He also knew how to make them feel like they mattered and to give them passion for the job.

He wanted them to wake up every day, feeling they could take on the world and like nothing was too challenging or too overwhelming for them. He instilled in them confidence and the will to enjoy the job.

It wasn’t just a job for them. It was a place that they truly enjoyed going to, every single day. When the alarm clock rang, they didn’t dread it or call in sick. They hopped out of bed, ready to tackle whatever came their way. They were excited to see what was around the corner and what was ahead for them.