James Dondero’s Intelligent Move To Help Raise $2.8 Million For Family Place


James Dondero helped to co-find Highland Capital Management where he currently serves as the president. HCM is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the alternative credit management industry across the world. His 30 years journey in the field of credit and equity markets has been incredible. He has been focusing hugely on high yielding as well as distressed investing.


Dondero is also known for creating the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life from scratch to a net worth of more than $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. He has worked at American Express, first as a corporate bond analyst, and later as a portfolio manager. He kick-started his career in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty training program, where he worked as an analyst.


HCM was incepted in 1993, and since then, it has been the market leader in developing collateralized loan obligation market and in the development of credit oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors globally. Among the award-winning products offered by the company include separate institutional accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, REITs, ETFs and Mutual funds.


Recently, James Dondero announced a $1 million grant challenge offered by HCM. The grant challenge is meant to push forward an on-going capital raising campaign for The Family Place. HCM aims to help the non-profit organization raise the remaining $2.8 million out of the initial target of $16.5 million. Highland Capital Management promised to match every donation made by 50 percent until it gives out $1 million.


The Family Place is known for its tireless efforts to prevent and eliminate cases of domestic violence using proactive measures. They intervene through advocacy, providing assistance to the victims and conducting extensive community awareness. Thousands of Texas residents exposed to abusive environments have found help, protection, as well as self-sustenance. All the programs provided by the Family Place are available in both English and Spanish.


The Highland Dallas Foundation, which serves as the philanthropic arm of HCM will be responsible for administering the grant, expected to end on April 4, 2017. The capital raised from the campaign will aid in the construction and management of the Ann Moody Place. The proposed expansion will increase the capacity of the organization to respond to the needs of more individuals involved in domestic violence.


The $1 million grant challenge announcement was made on early October 2016.

List of Most Edited Wikipedia Articles of 2016

Wikipedia has released its list of most edited articles in 2016. The top position was claimed by death and US president Elect Donald Trump. Wikipedia pages are edited by thousands of human editors assisted automated computer programs called bots. According to the NPR online magazine, the annual death listings have been the favorite of many people since 2007. The 2016 US election featured prominently, with 5 listings in the top 10. The Donald Trump page was the second most edited page because his campaign was dominated by his character, moral inquisitions and business deals.

Hillary Clinton on her part did not crack the top 20 list, but her list of presidential campaign endorsements came in at number 3. Unlike Donald Trump, Clinton’s political campaign was mostly shaped by her political lineage, her respectability and support from the masses of Democrats and Republicans. The annual death list on Wikipedia ranked higher because death is notable, consistent and unavoidable. The catalogue of deaths included that of David Bowie, Fidel Castro, John Glen and Muhammad Ali. The top 5 most edited Wikipedia articles in 2016 were:
• Deaths in 2016
• Donald Trump
• Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements
• The US Presidential Election
• Republican Party presidential primaries

The other articles that featured in the top 10 edit list include; Orlando night club shooting, Bailando, sports in 2016 and South Korean music. According to a list obtained from Wikimedia Foundation and published on the BBC the most edited articles of all time are those of George W. Bush with over 45,000 edits followed by list of World Wrestling Entertainment personnel with over 42,800 edits.

The Benefits of Wikipedia page creation
There are many benefits a business or an individual can get by making a Wikipedia page. According to SEOpressor.com, making a Wikipedia page can improve your own reputation and credibility, enhances your visibility and boost your search engine results. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited site online. The open source community can be edited by anyone, including dedicated volunteers. However, some people take advantage of this good will to make edits that can hurt your business reputation or personality.

If you want to protect your reputation and brand on Wikipedia, you can hire Wikipedia editors from sites like Get Your Wiki. The site offers comprehensive Wikipedia consulting services, who will help you create, edit and update your page. The consultation is performed by highly skilled Wikipedia editors who follow Wikipedia practices that require pages to be properly formatted and supported by reliable sources. The company also offers monitoring and translation services and will update a Wiki page for you with any new or relevant information. You can get a free quote within 24 hours by visiting Get Your Wiki website, where you will submit a request simple form.

Uncertain world of NCAAF Betting on Covers.com

Sports have always been an interesting thing for the fans. But when the dimension of betting is included, the fun doubles up with excitement and thrills of uncertainty. This is where, Covers.com comes in the picture that works as a platform for the fans to play with NCAAF odds, football odds or College Football odds to get some extra cash. This is indeed a harmless hobby, and when it is done with moderation and logic, there is no big harm in it. For a true football fan, Covers.com is the place to try their luck and get something more than the game itself.

1. com is one of the most popular sites to place a bet for any kind of games. However, this site is best known for its focus on football games in colleges i.e. NCAAF. On top of that, this is indeed one of the most visited sites that provide useful updates on most popular games including but not limiting to NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. In addition to game updates, the site is also popular for its betting features that include betting tips, betting preview, betting analysis as well as a scope to bet on a game.

However, betting in Covers.com is not like usual gambling. Rather than focusing on a win-loss gamble, Covers.com uses a spread betting method. This intuitive method was developed by an accountant from the UK. In this arrangement, people do not bet on the actual win or loss. Rather they bet on a predetermined range of score differences between the two team. For example, let’s consider a football game between Team A and Team B where Team A is the favorite and Team B is the underdog with a spread of 7.5. If Team B beats Team A by 7, then it is said that Team has covered the spread. If someone is lucky enough to guess the point difference in that game, he or she will win a huge money from the bet.

While there are numerous websites for spread betting, most of the have some issues with them. In addition to that, there are a couple of marked sites that uses illegal approaches as well. But Covers.com is not like that at all. This site is quite popular, and the professionals always advise the people to place a bet on a game. Another reason to recommend this site is that they have a team of highly professional experts who are always providing updates and analysis of every upcoming game which the fans will find really helpful. If the fans a look at the Southern California Trojans vs. Penn State Nittany Lions analysis article from Covers.com, they will find it really helpful to play with the NCAAF odds, football odds or College Football odds.

The Dramatic Return Of The Democrat, George Soros, On The Political Front

George Soros is a Hungarian-born billionaire who has returned to the election cycle and donated over $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and motives.

According to Politico, in 2004, Soros spent an estimated $27 million to aid the Democrats against the then-President, George Bush. Soros Fund Management associates believe that he contributed even more as the recent Election Day neared.

The billionaire’s return, whose estimated worth is $24.9 billion according to a recent report by Forbes, is seen as a major driving force in the party’s efforts to regain control over the White House and a Senate majority.

What he intends to do

George Soros, together with other wealthy liberals who had invested a vast amount of money in aiding the election of Hillary Clinton gathered in Washington for a private meeting. The motive being to re-organize the large investment made to counter Donald Trump.

According to information released by Politico, the conference was held at Washington’s expensive Mandarin Oriental hotel and was attended by leaders of prominent unions as well as liberal groups.

The main objectives being:

• Fortifying the liberals’ position against President Trump; readying for future elections as well as preventing the success of Trump’s 100-day plan.

• Re-assessing the DA donor club role; the clubs donors and beneficiaries are a major driving force in organizing a strategy to help gain votes for democrats.

• Protecting the political policies of the Obama administration from being dismantled by the new Trump government.

What Now for George Soros

George Soros’ major investment view has tilted towards law enforcement campaigns on nybooks.com; donating $2 million to an organization aiming for the downfall of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio in Arizona.

Soros has contributed millions over the past two years in helping campaigns to elect those local prosecutors who are in favor of criminal justice reforms. At present, groups favored by Soros are spending vast amounts in three major district attorney races: a donation of $1 million was given to Houston’s Harris County; $1.5 million was spent outside Denver, in the counties of Gilpin and Jefferson; and $1 million dollars for the Phoenix’s Maricopa County.

Soros is a major driving force in organizing immigration as well as criminal justice reforms.

Trump Vs Soros

Michael Vachon, the political adviser to George Soros, has stated that Soros is adamant in aiding Democratic causes due to his difference in opinion with Trump regarding issues relating to criminal justice and immigration reform as well as religious tolerance.

The overall effect of Soros’ financial contribution on nytimes.com, as well as that of the left’s other wealthy benefactors, has benefited Clinton’s campaign; having a marked advantage over groups favoring Trump, who is not trusted by GOP donors.

George Soros is a dedicated supporter of the Democratic party and he is committed to assisting in efforts which oppose President Trump. Soros, having grown up in Hungary, is well-acquainted with the drawbacks of Nazism as well as Communism; he and his Open Society Foundations are devoted to supporting and protecting open societies worldwide which he believes are becoming vulnerable in the USA.

Learn more about George Soros:

Doug Levitt Looks For The Real U.S.A. In “The Greyhound Diaries”

The former international correspondent Doug Levitt was once a familiar face on the TV when he was a London based international correspondent for some of the top news networks in the U.S. However, over the course of the last decade Doug has become better known as one of the world’s leading folk performers after departing on a series of bus trips that have allowed him to touch the lives of people in the heartland of the U.S. he feels are not represented through the mainstream media.


Doug Levitt believes the mainstream media does not give a full reflection of the lives of people in the U.S. who have been left behind and disenfranchised from the majority of society. Through the artistic work he has produced in the form of a novel, numerous songs, and photographic images Doug Levitt has been trying to give a voice to those in the U.S. who feel they are not given the chance to through traditional outlets across the country; the work of Doug Levitt is reminiscent of the reportage pieces produced in the 1930s when the poorest in U.S. society had little choice in how they lived their own lives. Musicians, photographers, and writers all set out to report on the people of the U.S. heartland in the 1930s and developed their own work to express the feelings and thoughts of those they met on journey’s across the country.


The need to help those who have not been given a regular voice in the U.S. is something the family of Doug Levitt has been looking to do for decades through their work in Washington D.C. Growing up in the U.S. capital gave Doug Levitt the chance to see inequality in a city that sees many communities on real need of assistance; Levitt’s parents were among the best respected in Washington D.C. local politics and the death of his father when Levitt was only 16 is seen as a pivotal moment in the life of the musician.

Meditating at the Kabbalah Centre for Peace

The Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual center that helps those who enter search for what they believe is the truth. Meditation in the Centre is encouraged, and the Centre has room for meditation that helps their students relax. This article explains how meditation at the Kabbalah Centre is good for their students, and there is a look at how study in the Centre makes life better.

#1: Kabbalah Studies Are Different

Everyone who wishes to study Kabbalah may learn the mystic study of scripture, and they will learn how to read into the texts of the old testament. The old Hebrew scriptures have quite a lot information that is difficult to wade through, and anyone who is looking for a way to read into the old times will see what they need in the scriptures after they use Kabbalah.

#2: Meditating Is Important

Meditating on the scriptures is a large part of the way the study is completed, and those who are meditating will find their way to a new understanding of what it says. There are several ways the scriptures may be revealed to someone who is meditating, and they must learn to see through their own perceptions to something deeper. Philip and Karen Berg started the Spiritual Centre as a place to help people, and they wanted it to be peaceful for everyone.

#3: Managing Peace In The Soul

Finding peace in the deep of someone’s soul is quite difficult as there are several people who simply have no idea how they will get to the heart of what they need. They are seeking truth, and they must come to the Kabbalah Centre as they may learn more by sitting in their own quiet. The Bergs run the Centre today, and they wish to help all students find a measure of peace as they seek.

Seeking the heart of God is a personal and complex experience. Anyone who is in need may find what they need, and they will come through the libraries to see scriptures that come from all parts of the world. They may meditate and study as much as they like.

More visit: http://teamkabbalah.com/

Why Beauty Experts Are Ditching Shampoo For Good

If someone told you twenty years ago that they didn’t use shampoo, you would probably be concerned about their overall hygiene to say the least. However, leading beauty experts and celebrities are ditching shampoo completely and their hair has never looked better.

For the last century, shampooing has been the preferred method for getting hair clean. Shampoo typically refers to a liquid cleaning solution that you massage into hair and rinse out immediately.

However, many women who grew up using shampoo regularly have found that their hair has become dry, dull and frizzy over the years. Despite using products that condition hair, they have found that their hair has been losing its natural luster more and more over the years.

The truth is that most shampoo brands use chemicals which actually damage hair over time. Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips hair of its natural protective oils, and synthetic fragrances, which can cause allergic reactions on the scalp, can leave hair feeling dry and unhealthy.

Luckily, in recent years, many products have come out on the Amazon market which clean hair and eliminate the need for shampoo altogether. These products use cleansing agents that don’t contain these harmful and damaging ingredients. Plus, they don’t strip hair of its natural oils that keep it healthy and soft.

One hair care product that beauty experts swear by is the Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. This product acts as a cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler all at once. This product is not a shampoo yet it cleans hair effectively without the use of damaging chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrances.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) can actually undo years of damage after only one week of use. Hair that was dry and dull suddenly has luster and volume. WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner eliminates the need for women to ever buy a bottle of shampoo again.

Visit Wen.com or the brand’s Facebook page for more information.

Julie Zuckerberg: The Rising Star in Executive Recruiting

Julie Zuckerberg is a rising star in the human resource world. She has been in that field for around 10 years now, and she has been a great asset for various companies. She is currently working for Deutsche Bank as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead and in the Greater New York City Area Human Resources’ division. She has been with the company for several years now.

Her previous work experience includes the following roles:


  • Vice President as a Executive Recruiter in Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank from April 2014 to November 2015 in the Greater New York City Area

She partnered with hiring managers, business partners, and reward to manage and lead full cycle recruitment for Managing Director and Director hires across the US compliance, audit, legal, finance, strategy, regional management, investor relations, etc. She consulted with hiring managers to assess sourcing strategies, including search firm, agency engagement, or internal mobility along with networking and direct sourcing methods.


  • Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead as Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company from November 2013 to February 2014 in the Greater New York City Area


Her responsibilities for this position included her being the leader in client relations for all experienced hire positions throughout the nation for the Agency’s business. She also managed recruitment of the process outsourcing team that consists of recruiters, a team project manager, and sourcers.


  • Vice President as an Executive Recruiter for NA Professional & Executive Recruitment at Citi from October 2007 to November 2013 in the Greater New York City Area


She provided full life cycle recruiting for the managing director and director roles for Citi Global Consumer Internet and Marketing office and CitiCards. She also advised senior business leaders on competitive markets, recruiting strategies, compensation trends, and talent, and she led the negotiation and development of complex job offers that included claw backs, equity buyouts, relocation, deferred awards, and immigration in collaboration with other human resource areas.


Educational Achievements


With her educational pursuits, she attended and graduated from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College with a major in Philosophy. She also have been attending the New York Law School.


Causes Zuckerberg Cares About


Zuckerberg cares about and participates in the following causes:


  • Animal Welfare
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Social Action and Civil Rights
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Human Rights
  • Technology and Science

The Magnises Gives the World a New Look

Billy McFarland, an American entrepreneur, the CEO and the founder to Magnises was born in 1991 in the New York City. Billy is one of the rare and competent tech entrepreneurs in the world today. Billy came up with the idea upon spotting an entrepreneurship opportunity in the millennials desires and lifestyles. Billy saw a very distinct end in the credit market and saw the necessity to create a platform for people to earn points on their daily spends after which they can redeem for other opportunities, services, and products hence the founding of Magnises.

Billy McFarland made a black metallic card that links data from the various financial cards like comprising of the debit and credit cards. The Magnises card was officially launched in 2014 after its founding in 2013. Magnises keeps you at the highest levels of unlocking the city. The exclusively made black card has its bases on the technology. The card helps to receive guidance, and perks that improve the member’s daily life and it’s more attractive to the millennial generation. Previously the card was subscribed at 250 dollars fee which was later changed to 25 dollars monthly fee.

Read more: Magnises Is The Black Card That Helps Millennials Build The Best Network

Magnises is potential to lead businesses globally with its smart management and the growing number of professional millennials. According to the Magnises founder Billy McFarland, the Magnises is coming up with a platform to link the Millennials to new businesses both online and offline. Magnises has recently extended its services from New York and Washington D.C to several other places. Their headquarters previously located in the West Village has been relocated to Penthouse.

There are several benefits and valuables involved with the Magnises membership. In the nightlife, the company facilitates hassle free members night. In Culture, Magnises brings you to a platform where you can access and enjoy all the best fashions, secret pop-ups and several other goods that invigorate you. Through the Magnises membership reports, you say goodbye to all health complications as the club engages you in countless keeps you in action to keep your body fit. Magnises gets you to the right places in town in a very easy way. With your Magnises card, you are guaranteed to private dining ad club takeovers at best clubs in the New York City.

Billy has also founded other companies like the Spring where he is the CEO up-to-date and another online content sharing company he founded as early as at the age of 13 years.

Magnises on Facebook
Read more about Magnises on CNBC

EOS Makes Success Look Easy in the World of Lip Balm

The lip balm industry may not seem like a highly competitive market at first glance. On closer inspection it is obvious that the lip balm market is dominated by the big brands that have been around. All of these big brands have tried and true lip balm products and lip balm containers that they use every year. The slender tube with a cap is the common look that lip balms have. The surprising thing about the lip balm industry as of late is the upstart success of the EOS lip balms.

According to fastcompany.com, the Evolution of Smooth company sells primarily lip products. However they have added on a few other beauty care products like gentle shave cream and moisturizing lotions for the hands, feet, and body.

What makes the Evolution of Smooth company such a success in the competitive lip treatment business has everything to do with packaging and celebrity promotion and a little to do with hiring a sales agent.

The EOS company started their successful venture by recreating the way lip balm packaging is designed. The EOS company hired some artists to create a new design that was comforting to hold for consumers and visually interesting. The chosen shape was a round globe. It resembles a planet, the moon, the sun, or a round berry. This design is comforting to the eyes and rests easily within the palm of someone’s hand. The product itself was made to be organic and natural to appeal to the modern consumers who prefer natural products when they can get them.

Celebrity promotion played a large part in the appeal of this product. This is a common strategy by beauty companies. What is an uncommon celebrity promotion method that the EOS company used is asking famous beauty bloggers to test out the product and review it for their followers. This encouraged a lot of millennial beauty product enthusiasts to buy the EOS lip balm.

The last thing that helped the EOS company become the second top selling lip balm product of the year, was their use of a sales agent. The sales agent helped them get their product to be sold in Target stores. It’s difficult to get a new product into a store straight away. With the expertise of a sales agent and persistence on the company’s part, they pushed for the product to be sold in retail stores to as many consumers as possible.

By all appearances, EOS made their success look easy. The reality was that hard work and smart techniques really is how they are managing to do so well in such a short amount of time.